New Car Workflow from Rapid Recon Provides Transparency into New-Car Operations
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New Rapid Recon Workflow Provides Transparency into New-Car Operations

Rapid Recon has announced its workflow transparency for dealers’ new-car operations.

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This new workflow for new-car operations is identical to the Rapid Recon reconditioning workflow software and processes for its used-car system. In both cases, inventory is auto-imported into the systems and tracked throughout the workflow processes making complete transparency of a dealer’s new inventory.

Rapid Recon works with the dealer’s new-car team to create a customized, stand-alone New-Car Workflow that mirrors their existing process. This flexibility gives everyone involved in new car preparation and sales the ability to access new vehicle tracking from In Transit to Sold within Rapid Recon. 


The same accountability and transparency dealers expect from their Rapid Recon used car workflow can now be reflected in their new-car workflows. Now, staff can access new-car workflow from any device — desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android – providing the team complete real-time mobility. 

Checking in vehicles off the transport truck is now made more straightforward, and real-time arrival times are recorded in Rapid Recon. If an in-transit claim is made against the manufacturer, supporting details such as photos and notes can be easily added to the vehicle record in Rapid Recon and submitted to the warranty clerk for submission. All the information is stored permanently in the Rapid Recon vehicle record. 


New-Car Workflow details are accessible in real-time from almost anywhere, giving your sales personnel real-time vehicle progress updates. This New-Car Workflow is a perfect tool for your BDC. 

New-Car Workflow from Rapid Recon is available for $249 a month with a current Rapid Recon core product subscription. Contact a Rapid Recon account manager or email [email protected]

Dealership general managers and their fixed and variable operation managers all benefit when Rapid Recon is used to drive inventory turn, increase labor hours and parts revenue. Only Rapid Recon equips the sales team with in-their-hand, on-the-go mobile inventory intelligence to help them build value in the deal from their first contact with the prospect. Over 20,000 monthly users across over 2,400 auto dealerships use Rapid Recon workflow software to be more efficient, responsive and competitive.

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