NADA 2023: Eccentric Engine, Transforming Virtual Retail

NADA 2023: Eccentric Engine, Transforming Virtual Retail

Varun Shah, co-founder of Eccentric Engine, introduced the company’s showroom-like experience to customers at NADA.

Varun Shah, co-founder of Eccentric Engine, introduced the company’s showroom-like experience to customers at NADA.

He and customer Jessie Dosanjh, president of California Automotive Retailing Group, discuss how Eccentric Engine can help dealers sell better, noting it’s appeal for selling vehicle accessories.

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Speaker 1 (00:11):

Jesse, good to have you here. Thank you. All right. So we have Jesse here. Jesse’s our customer number one from North America. So Jesse is essentially from Dublin Cadillac. That’s the first pilot dealership that we have for virtual retailing. So follow us and let’s see what people like what we have for them. Just feel free to play with it. Wow. Do you think this is better than the 360 s that you’ve been building until, until now?

Speaker 2 (00:51):

Absolutely. Just the attention to detail is phenomenal. Uhhuh, <affirmative>, I’ve never seen vehicle in this much detail, both externally with respect to every portion, including the cas. Right, right. And taking a look inside is also very detailed as well. Literally unprecedented. Right. And to be able to have a true 360 high resolution image that’s to the t is, is fantastic.

Speaker 1 (01:16):

And do you think your your seats look like this? You can see the kind of stitches that you have, the kind of material that you have, you can actually inspect every single element of

Speaker 2 (01:25):

It, right? Yeah. Yeah. So as you can tell, this is very specific to the premium luxury platinum this particular pattern. So it’s to the t you can see the depth and the texture of the fabric very clearly.

Speaker 1 (01:36):

And of course, we have theories that go with it. You can actually preview

Speaker 2 (01:41):

How formats look like. Wow. Yep.

Speaker 1 (01:45):

And how do you think it’s gonna benefit your buyers?

Speaker 2 (01:47):

I think they’ll get an ability to customize, right? And see some of the thought processes when it comes to accessory purchases, right? Yeah. and it probably lowers the, it’s catalyst, right? So it lowers their inhibition to purchase an accessory when they can see it clearly. And

Speaker 1 (02:03):

Of course, I’m sure that adding accessory just makes the vehicle that much more special to your customer, right? Because they know that they’ve built it along with you

Speaker 2 (02:10):

Guys. Yeah. So accessory business is something that we typically struggle in, right? The, the flow process and the ability to see the accessory in the vehicle is, is a legitimate tension between taking too much time, right? And yes, apathy on the salesperson’s part in some respects. So this provides a very convenient platform where a customer can see the accessories and make a decision right on the spot. So you can essentially just add it here, right? Yes. And is, and it automatically updates the msrp.

Speaker 1 (02:40):

Yes, of course. And we have these roof refills that go it, everything else that goes with it. So can check out all the options, all the details, everything that you have. Excellent. So it’s about transparency, because there’s nothing left to imagination. There’s, there’s nothing left to This could look like this, this, this could look like that. It’s all genuine. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (02:59):

It’s, it’s, it’s a hundred percent true how the vehicle is to the t, right? Copy.

Speaker 1 (03:04):

Now let’s come over to have a look at your website,


Jesse. This is how we see your you know, future website to be like mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you know, this is your sales agent. Everything we have in stock, great. And everything that you don’t have in stock is all on one screen. So you can just struggle between the trims. You can actually see this vehicles just ing up for you, just for your showcase. You can see the information, you can explore this. So once we get done to exploring it, the way it’s made for your customers, that every single interaction that they do with this is a decision that they’ll be making. Sure. Right? So for example, rather than just trying to figure out what’s, what should I see on the car? Cause I’m sure it’s little bit, lots of features, your team can actually decide the kind of features that they would want to show on the value, because I’m sure that the kind of features and the kind of explanation that your customers would want or your sales team would want is different from some of the other people out there.

Speaker 2 (04:07):

That’s great. Wow. So

Speaker 1 (04:09):

It’s asking you to take the next step. It’s asking you to just get inside the vehicle. It’s recognized that you see the trunk space now. It’s inviting you to check out the your touch screen. Something that people love to do, especially in the Bay Area, because they all know,

Speaker 2 (04:26):

Oh, that’s incredible. So you can actually engage with the the system. Wow.

Speaker 1 (04:29):

Actually playing music can you to the beats. You’re able to operate it as if you’re operating it within the car, can see the maps here. So the moment you can see how it all looks like in Dallas right now, we’re able to see how, where you are exactly what the location

Speaker 2 (04:47):

Is. That’s incredible.

Speaker 1 (04:48):

Right. And of course something I like the most is the ambient lighting. So you can actually see, oh wow, the ambient lighting coming up on here. So let me just walk you through

Speaker 2 (05:03):

That. All the different colors that

Speaker 1 (05:04):

Everything. Wow. yes. It’s the ambient lighting. I’m struggling between green, pink, blue.

Speaker 2 (05:13):

That is cool.

Speaker 1 (05:13):

So imagine your website having all of

Speaker 2 (05:15):

This. That is very cool, right?

Speaker 1 (05:17):

Yes. So that’s there. And of course, once we do this, we can go to the back seat and your bias can actually, you know, get an idea of how they fit onto the back seat. So depending on their height, we simulate how they’ll be looking or how they’ll be fitting onto these seats. So in on one single page, you’ve seen the exteriors, you’ve seen the interiors, you’ve seen the features. You’re back to accessing. On a typical webpage, this could have been like at least 50 different clicks going from one screen to another. But all of it is on one interface, on, on one single cam.

Speaker 2 (05:55):

That’s incredible.

Speaker 1 (05:56):

Right? So we can’t wait to bring this to your customers. Yeah. Because ultimately your customers, they are buyers, right? They’re not leads. So we just want to bring this experience that just makes them delighted and we can’t have this and we can’t wait to have this live on your back side.

Speaker 2 (06:11):

Yeah. We’re excited for the incremental revenue and the enhanced customer experience to bring them lower to the purchasing decision down the funnel. So absolutely can’t, can’t wait for it. So thank you. Very excited. Yeah. No, thank you. Appreciate it. Appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (06:22):


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