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How to Move More Cars With Walkaround Videos

For many who have worked in the auto industry for a long time, cars have become commodities. Selling and servicing cars is how you make your living.

As you view the rows of vehicles sitting on your lot, you may no longer feel a sense of pride or excitement, and your primary concern becomes “How do I move these cars?”

But for today’s consumer who may own just a half a dozen cars in their entire lifetime, buying a car is a very emotional decision. There’s the stress that comes with a new financial burden. There’s the fear of being taking advantage of by car dealers. There’s excitement when they start researching online and become attached to a certain make/model or features. There’s frustration as they narrow down their choices and hit a few roadblocks along the way. Finally, there’s pride and joy when the purchase is complete. What an emotional roller coaster!

So, how do you move those cars? Tapping into this emotional journey is a surefire way to connect with customers. What is it about your cars sitting on your lot that makes them special? In reality, we all know they’re the same vehicles with the same features that your competitors are selling.

So, the real question is, why buy from you?

Posting video walkarounds of your inventory on your Website can provide consumers with the answer to that question. When prospects watch a video presentation of a vehicle, it’s like teleporting a salesperson right into their home. They don’t have to be on your lot to establish that emotional connection.

Instead of viewing static photos and a list of features, consumers can view a video filled with action and rich visual details while listening to an exciting audio presentation.

Instead of reading the “what,” your customers will hear the “why” they need to buy this vehicle — and why they need to buy it from your dealership.

But not all sales video presentations are created equal. The marrying of the “what” to the “why” is a critical part of creating an emotional connection.

Making the Connection

As you create your video walkarounds, it’s important to highlight the following most-desired features that consumers want in vehicles today. These features were sourced from AutoPacific’s annual New Vehicle Satisfaction survey, from Spireon and from J.D. Power’s U.S. Tech Choice Study.

Safety and Driving Assistance — Certain features consistently rank the highest on most consumers’ wish lists. They include:
• Emergency call services
• Vehicle diagnostics
• Fuel usage information
• Blind-spot warning systems
• Automatic braking systems
• Lane change assist
• Rearview backup cameras
• Night vision

As you visually show these features, use your words to paint a picture for the consumer that will spark their emotions. In your video, use phrases like, “If you’re ever in an accident, you may not be able to reach your phone. Just push this emergency button and help is on its way.”

Or, for braking systems and lane change assist, “Look, we all get distracted while driving, and these features can prevent you from getting into an accident.”

Or, “Did you know that traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day? Night vision can be a real problem, especially for older folks. You have less than half a second to react if something comes out of nowhere in the dark, so this feature could be a real life saver.”

Comfort and Convenience Features — Next to safety, consumers most desire features that create a comfortable environment. These include:
• Power driver and passenger seats
• Leather seats
• Easy-to-clean upholstery
• Heated front seats
• Heated steering wheel
• Heated windshield (fog prevention)
• Keyless entry

Again, don’t just mention what the features are. Use your video to paint a picture and tell them why they need it.

Here’s an example: “Don’t you hate those cold morning commutes in the winter? It’s bad enough when it’s still dark out, but when it’s cold too? That’s why you need these heated front seats and steering wheel. Just imagine how warm and toasty you’ll be every morning. It’ll make your whole day go better.”

Or, “Just look at these leather seats. I wish we had smell-a-vision because isn’t that leather smell one of the greatest? You’ll truly be riding in style.”

Or, “Don’t mess around with adjusting seats ever again. With these power seats, you can adjust it once to your perfect fit and then the system will memorize it. All you have to do is push this button and your seat will be instantly perfect and comfortable for you.”

Infotainment/Connectivity — Infotainment and other fun tech features are items that many consumers desire after safety and comfort. These include:
• USB ports
• Bluetooth streaming audio
• Car headrest video players
• In-car apps for traffic, navigation, etc.

Here’s an example of a “why”: “Is there anything worse than going on a road trip with your kids and getting barraged with that question, ‘Are we there yet?’ Car headrest video players can keep your kids entertained for hours, eliminating boredom and bickering.”

Or, “With a USB port, you can listen to your favorite music from your favorite devices, and you won’t ever have to worry about your smartphone battery dying again.”

Why Buy From You?

Finally, don’t forget to include your dealership’s value proposition in every walkaround video. This answers the question, “Why buy from you?” Does your dealership offer a one-of-a-kind luxury experience? Do you promise fast service and convenience? Is your dealership family owned, and therefore your promise is to make your customers “feel like family?” Do you offer straightforward answers and pricing, with no beating around the bush?

Whatever your dealership’s value proposition is, be sure to emphasize it both in the audio portion and also visually. Visual proof of your claims builds trust and confidence.

It’s important to feature the “what,” but focusing on the “why” creates the emotional desire. Suddenly your prospects will want only that car — the one sitting on your lot. And, with very little effort, you’ll have answered your original question, “How do I move these cars?”

Tim James

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