motormindz, Connected Strategy Advisors Partner to Accelerate Connected Car Solutions
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motormindz, Connected Strategy Advisors Partner to Accelerate Connected Car Solutions

motormindz, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Connected Strategy Advisors (CSA), a Detroit-based advisory firm focused on connected cars and products.

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Through the partnership, motormindz will continue their leading presence as an automotive tech accelerator and use CSA’s deep expertise to bring connected vehicle solutions to market faster.

“As a leading advisor on connected strategies to automotive OEMs for more than a decade, CSA was a natural fit to add to our robust roster of industry experts,” said Jeff Van Dongen, CEO of motormindz. “We’ve seen firsthand the growing interest in autonomous driving, connectivity, the electrification of vehicles, and shared mobility (ACES) and expect the interest to increase exponentially moving forward. Our partnership with CSA will provide a one-stop shop for end-to-end connected car and customer leadership within the industry.”

The partnership with Connected Strategy Advisors will serve to accelerate and enhance the adoption of ACES products and services for motormindz clients, as well as open opportunities with additional partners like wireless carriers, creating end-to-end solutions.

“The Connected Strategy Advisors partnership is a critical factor as we experience phenomenal growth in this space,” stated Greg Ross, motormindz Connected Car Practice Lead. “Our Connected Car Vision focuses on bringing together all of the pieces, from onboard and offboard infrastructure to wireless networks to smart mobility services — among other offerings, with the result being the only true end-to-end accelerator for ACES in automotive.”


Established global OEMs have announced substantial investments in ACES technologies over the past several months. These investments are matched by huge flows of venture investment into ACES-based technologies and services. At the same time, consumers have high expectations for a safe, high quality ownership experience. These trends point to the need for innovators in the space to move forward quickly in order to drive adoption and demand.

“As we move into an era where connectivity will drive and support all other vehicle technology advancements, the timing of this partnership could not be more perfect for the industry,” said Percy Gendreau, CSA CEO. “motormindz and CSA will leverage our combined deep industry expertise to drive motormindz’ Connected Car Vision as we continue to strive for what’s next.”

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