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How to Maximize Your Relationship with a Staffing Partner and Secure Topnotch Talent for Your Company

In the entertainment world, talent scouts are tasked with locating and cultivating top talent, and then matching them with the right shows or movies. Believe it or not, the business world has its own equivalent to the hardworking talent scout.

New York, NY – In the entertainment world, talent scouts are tasked with locating and cultivating top talent, and then matching them with the right shows or movies. Believe it or not, the business world has its own equivalent to the hardworking talent scout. They’re called staffing firms, and companies of all sizes rely on them to supply topnotch talent whenever there’s a need. According to hiring expert Scott Wintrip, working with an external talent scout is a surefire way to staff businesses of all sizes with talented and eager employees.

“Most businesses need an external scouting firm to help fulfill their staffing requirements,” says Scott Wintrip, author of High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant. “Using a staffing firm takes the pressure and the legwork of hiring off your plate, which frees up your business to focus on stellar performance and customer service.”

Wintrip further explains that companies that use external talent scouts fill jobs faster than companies that handle hiring in-house.

“In analyzing the time-to-fill of more than 2,000 large, medium, and small companies across the globe, those that incorporated at least one staffing provider as part of their process filled their jobs four times faster than those that did not,” says Wintrip. “And because most staffing firms guarantee replacement employees or fee refunds should a problem arise, there’s virtually no risk in beginning a business relationship with a talented and capable recruitment firm.”

The bottom line? You’re going to find talent quicker and be able to focus on your business sooner if you work with a recruiter. Keep reading for Wintrip’s top three guidelines for choosing and maximizing your relationship with your staffing partner.

Guideline #1: Look beyond capabilities. When you review the website of a potential staffing partner, you’ll probably find a list of their capabilities. Capabilities are great, but only if they produce the kind of outcomes you really need, like capable, talented employees. Dig deeper, looking for the results these capabilities have created for other organizations. Ask your potential partner for specifics. Whom have they served? What results did they achieve for their clients? How’d they achieve those results? Your initial research in choosing a capable partner who can meet your needs will pay off in the long run.

Guideline #2: Check out their known associates. “Having worked with thousands of staffing providers, I’ve noticed an important pattern,” says Wintrip. “Those that do the best work are always part of a reputable association. As association members, they have access to timely information, legal updates, and ongoing education. Get familiar with as many associations as possible for the best information on prospective recruiting firms.”

Here are some links to staffing associations to help get you started.

In the United States:

American Staffing Association

Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants

National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations

National Association of Personnel Services

TechServe Alliance


World Employment Confederation (WEC)

Guideline #3: Sweat the small stuff. Small details make a big difference in business relationships, and that principle is very important when you’re choosing the best staffing partner for your unique needs. Pay attention to the little things as you get to know your potential partner. Do you have to repeat details they missed the first time you shared them? Does it take them minutes to return calls and emails, or days? Do they follow through on commitments, such as sending a proposal or résumé when promised? These details will tell you all you need to know about commitment to serving you in the long run.

“Selling is a courtship,” says Wintrip. “Your potential staffing partner is on their best behavior while they’re trying to win you over. Keep in mind that their behaviors aren’t likely to improve after you’ve committed to work with them, and consider whether their ‘best behaviors’ are what you want in a business relationship.”

“When you search for a staffing firm to assist you in hiring full-time employees or temporary help, you’ll have plenty of options,” concludes Wintrip. “But to get the best bang for your buck, it’s important to make a thoughtful partnering decision upfront. Do the research now to guarantee that you choose the best staffing agency for your organization’s needs, and you will enjoy great service and results for years to come.”


Wintrip Consulting Group

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