Marcom Technologies Launches All-in-One Training Program
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Marcom Technologies Launches All-in-One Training Program

The owners of Marcom Technologies Inc. have launched a new company called My Corporate Trainer. The customizable training platform takes Marcom’s expertise from over 30 years of training automotive professionals and helps dealerships plan, organize and execute a strategic training initiative that will drive operational efficiency and accountability across their store.

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Built from the ground up to help dealership staff follow procedures for success in every department, regardless of the employee’s experience, My Corporate Trainer is a Learning Management System (LMS) with a twist. Classes are instructor-led by the employees based on the needs of the individual dealership, not outside trainers or generic videos. The goal is to teach dealerships how to be self-sustaining as it pertains to education. 

“Why pay some outside person to do what we can do ourselves given the right tools,” said John Abate, managing partner, Heritage VW/Infiniti of South Atlanta.

With a series of courses, dealership staff members begin their education and continue it throughout their career within the organization. The result is a path to success for each member of the team and a way for them to jump into their job roles quickly and with maximum impact. 


“Imagine having a bench of fully trained players to call upon as your business grows. Think of it as your own farm system,” said Chuck McGraw, CEO of Marcom Technologies. “My Corporate Trainer will allow owners to be proactive in the development of every staff member across their dealership.”

The system will provide a set of classes, but will also be customizable based on current material. Later versions will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) that walks the organization through building training material specifically designed to track and measure the performance of their staff. 

Initial training modules for different departments include: Sales, Service, Parts, F&I, Management, Front Desk and Office. Courses that cover time management, leadership and other cross-department skills will also be a part of the program. 


In addition to the LMS, users will also be given access to My Training app, an application that enables individual paths for employee success. This functionality will enable collaboration between the My Corporate Trainer dashboard and individual users. Fun gamification features such as customizable avatars, progress achievements, and level-up opportunities keep the learners engaged and working toward their certification goals. 

“My Training App will be the engine and My Corporate Trainer the backbone that provides the support. It gives every client an easy and effective way to train their staff and develop individual goals for success. It’s like the old proverb says, ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” said Amol Oak, partner of My Corporate Trainer. 


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