Lot Vision Helps Dealers, Transporters

Manheim’s Lot Vision Helps Dealers, Transporters Find Their Vehicles Faster, Easier

Lot Vision is a GPS-based wireless device that is placed in a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port and reports its whereabouts on a Manheim lot within 10 feet. Recently, the technology was enhanced to include vehicle tracking by VIN and work order number.

Clients Now Able to Use Tracking Technology with Enhanced Capability When Locating Vehicles on Lots

  • More than 90% of Manheim locations now allow clients to preview inventory on the lots
  • Where offered, Lot Vision’s enhanced search capabilities let clients find vehicles by VINs or work orders within 10 feet
  • Lot Vision is available at 14 Manheim locations, making it easier to preview vehicles and for transporters to find them after purchase
  • Plans include adding 12 additional sites by year’s end and the remainder of locations during 2021

With most Manheim lots now open for clients to preview vehicles, dealers and transporters in more than a dozen locations are finding their vehicles faster and easier with the help of Lot Vision. Introduced last year, Lot Vision is a GPS-based wireless device that is placed in a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port and reports its whereabouts on a Manheim lot within 10 feet. Recently, the technology was enhanced to include vehicle tracking by VIN and work order number.

“Our lots are full right now, and dealers who are previewing vehicles tell us that Lot Vision is helping them find vehicles in minutes versus hours,” said Patrick Brennan, SVP, Marketplace. Our goal is to extend this technology to all locations and continue to make improvements to enhance our client’s experience.”

Lot Vision is easy for dealers and transporters to use. They simply input a work order number or VIN and activate “Location Services” on a smart phone or tablet to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location and path to find it. For vehicles without an on-board diagnostic port, trackers are attached to the steering wheel. In addition to making it easier to find vehicles, Lot Vision also speeds up vehicle processing for transporters.    

Lot Vision is now in place at Manheim Atlanta, Manheim Georgia, Manheim Dallas, Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth, Manheim San Antonio, Manheim Orlando, Manheim Palm Beach, Manheim Tampa, Manheim Central Florida, Manheim St. Pete, Manheim Lakeland, Manheim Ft. Lauderdale, Manheim Ohio and Manheim Chicago, the latest location to be deployed this month.

Manheim created Lot Vision partially in response to feedback from dealer clients. When asked about vehicle tracking technology, nearly all said they would embrace the innovation. Many stated they were eager to use it, with almost 90% finding the concept valuable and looking forward to having more confidence in their ability to locate vehicles, saving time and experiencing less hassles.

“With Lot Vision, our team members are able to help clients find their vehicles faster and show them how to use the technology on their own,” said Brad Burns, general manager at Manheim St. Pete.

Cox2M, Cox Communications’ connected asset services business line, collaborated with Manheim to develop the GPS tracking hardware that powers Lot Vision. When fully deployed, Manheim will represent the largest scale LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) commercial IoT deployment in North America.

Dealer clients are now implementing this solution at dealerships, as Lot Vision’s valued technology extends beyond Manheim lots. It is empowering dealers with the ability to track inventory on multiple lots and get vehicle status insights remotely when lot access is limited. Other clients interested in this solution can work directly with Cox2M.


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