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Making It Personal

Digital communication has forever changed the world. But for all the ways it brings people together, it can often be impersonal. When surfing YouTube, wouldn’t you much rather see a video that included a person rather than just a product display of still shots and words layered on top? I know I would. 

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I’m writing this shortly after returning from NADA, where the AutoSuccess/Babcox Media team conducted and recorded 16 videos at customers’ booths. These demonstrations bring viewers an up-close and personal look at a vendor’s products and services. They also introduce at least one company respresentative who brings life to the company and its products. These videos are beneficial to those who couldn’t attend NADA or who may have missed seeing that vendor while in Las Vegas. 

To have some fun, we even made a video with yours truly for internal Babcox Media use to give our team members back home a little taste of what the amazing NADA show is really like. 


Many of AutoSuccess’ contributors provide excellent advice and insight on best dealership video practices. Be sure to check out Brian Cox’s article on page 29. Cox is the president and CEO of Flick Fusion, a video hosting, marketing and distribution company. He advises introducing your general manager and sales, service and parts managers with personal profile videos. “Video can immediately create the perception for customers that they already know and like your staff.”

In our December 2019 issue, Max Farrell, global customer success director for SnapCell Inc. gave some great advice on getting started with personal videos, including, “Make the customer feel comfortable by sending a video confirming their appointment, showing them where they need to go, finishing with your face again and a smile.” She also said visually being in a customer’s device has proven to reduce the number of no-shows that dealerships experience.


You could extend this advice into the service department and shoot a video so that service customers know exactly where to go once they enter your lot, and where they should check in.

Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, advises dealers to determine their target market before beginning.

“Before you shoot video, understand who your most profitable customers are. It’s important to identify audience characteristics so you know what videos will appeal to them. Demographics can help you set the tone for your videos; whether they should be professional, humorous or heartfelt.”

Consumers are more comfortable buying from someone they know, so help them get to know you even before they step foot on your lot. I think you’ll find with a little extra effort, you can make it personal and have great success with video.

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