Magid's New TRXDXG49 Glove Promotes Safety
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Magid’s New TRXDXG49 Glove Promotes Safety

Helping protect workers in a wide range of industries from impact and cut injuries while providing exceptional grip in heavy liquids and oils, Magid introduced its coreless T-REX TRXDXG49 gloves. The new T-REX model provides protection while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

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The TRXDXG49 is the first impact-resistant glove to incorporate Magid’s TriTek Palm coating on a DX Technology coreless shell. TriTek provides more than twice the abrasion resistance of other coatings in its unique, multi-layered construction with an outer layer that absorbs oil for a rock-solid grip and an inner layer that deflects oil to keep hands dry.

The coreless DX Technology shell is made of specially engineered yarn, infused with strength-enhancing microparticles for incredible protection against cuts without the use of a steel or fiberglass core that can cause irritation and contact dermatitis.

“Magid’s popular lineup of T-REX work gloves now features the TRXDXG49 with revolutionary coreless construction for unbeatable comfort, cooling and dexterity. They are specifically designed to defend against impact injuries, as well as provide exceptional gripping power in oily environments while protecting against cuts, abrasions and punctures,” said Kelly Graham, Magid product manager. “Two of Magid’s exclusive, innovative technologies — our coreless DX Technology and TriTek Palm coating — come together for the first time in an impact-resistant glove. It gives workers a versatile solution that is ideal for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, material handling, mining, construction and transportation.”


The TRXDXG49’s M-Force Defense System provides back-of-hand protection to deflect and absorb impacts, meeting level 2 impact protection standards. Impact protection extends from the back of the wearer’s hands to the fingertips, including between the thumb and index fingers. The glove shell is ANSI rated level A4 for cut, level 5 for abrasion and level 3 for puncture resistance.

“These new gloves are both durable and comfortable,” said Graham. “They are a great addition to our full array of PPE and the perfect complement to our lineup of T-REX impact-resistant gloves.”

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