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Interactive video is a relatively new form of media, but quickly gaining in popularity. In fact, 36% of all new videos being produced are interactive videos, according to Wyzowl.

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For auto dealers, the use of interactive videos has the most potential with inventory videos. Interactive video presentations promise to transform the consumer shopping experience. One reason why these videos are so popular is because they offer a customizable experience. Every consumer has different needs and wants, and interactive videos offer consumers total control of their own viewing and shopping experience.

Car shoppers can use their mouse to manipulate the video screen, moving it left, right, up or down. Clickable “hot spots” embedded within the video entice viewers to learn more information about a particular feature. When the consumer clicks on a hot spot, a window pops up and displays information about that feature. 


For example, if a viewer wants to know more about the infotainment system in a vehicle, they simply click on the hotspot in the video and a window pops up that lists all the specs for that system.

Marketers who use interactive videos cite many benefits, including increased time on websites, a lift in user activity, increased recall of content, increased purchase intent and higher lead conversion rates. Interactive videos are also a great way to make your inventory stand out from competition on third-party auto shopping sites and on social media sites.

However, arguably one of the biggest benefits of interactive videos to dealerships is that user activity is trackable. Not only can you track the number of views and clicks, but you can gain greater insight into your customers’ shopping behavior. What features on a make/model were most clicked on, and therefore most popular? That type of insight could help your salespeople focus on popular features with showroom shoppers. 


In addition to being trackable, views, clicks and other viewer interactions can be pushed into a dealership’s CRM for real-time account updates and activity notifications. This means your salespeople could receive a notification when a specific customer in your CRM is watching one of your inventory videos, whether that video is posted on your website, a social media site or third-party site. What better time to reach out to that customer than right when they’re viewing your inventory? Interactive videos give you even more insight by knowing which particular features a car shopper is interested in.

Using interactive videos on Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs) is a great way to merchandise your inventory and get active car shoppers emotionally attached to their vehicle of interest. But don’t stop there. Try using interactive videos in your lead response emails and in texts to prospects, to increase response rates and conversion rates. 


The best part about interactive videos? You don’t need any special cameras or equipment, and your merchandising process doesn’t have to change. The process of creating interactive videos can be entirely automated, using your existing merchandising assets such as photos, videos or data feeds.

If you’re looking for new ways to engage car shoppers, interactive video presentations of your inventory may just be the ticket.

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