VinSolutions Integrations, Enhancements Prime Dealers for Post-Pandemic Rebound
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VinSolutions Enhancements Prime Dealers for Post-Pandemic Rebound

Improved CRM technology that enhances safety and efficiency helps dealers meet pent-up demand

Now more than ever, dealerships need to adapt the way they sell cars and engage with customers. With efficient, digital solutions designed to work together, dealers can not only overcome their greatest business challenges, but also discover new opportunities for growth and success. To meet the urgency today’s retail environment demands, VinSolutions unveiled a series of key product integrations and upgrades aimed to help dealers and their customers reimagine the car buying journey without delay.


“Our latest data makes it clear that consumers are pivoting back into shopping mode and our industry is now better prepared to meet that demand with digital fluency,” said Tracy Noonan Fred, vice president of operations, dealer sales & service software, Cox Automotive. “Now is the time for dealers to focus on re-engaging customers, and to help them do so in a way that boosts efficiency while keeping everyone safer.” 

To give dealers industry-leading capabilities and further enhance every touchpoint in the evolving sales process, VinSolutions is offering the following upgraded features and integrations in its automotive CRM

  • vAuto-Connect Desking Integration: Gives dealers a complete view of demand, buyer interest and availability to make sales decisions that align with inventory management strategy to maximize profitability. 
  • Cox Automotive Digital Retailing Integration: Brings online customer lead and deal information directly into Connect CRM, eliminating manual data entry, duplicate leads and having to piece together shopper behavior to deliver a smoother, faster deal-making process. 
  • Facebook Messenger Integration: Incorporates customer conversations into Connect CRM to enhance communication abilities and aggregate correspondence so dealers have even more information to improve engagement throughout the customer journey. 
  • Connect Automotive Intelligence Dashboards Enhancement: Displays Connect Automotive Intelligence metrics including Engagement Strength, Sentiment and Intent Analysis and Buying Signals in a single easy to digest dashboard to better predict customer behavior and preferences so dealers can pursue the most viable leads and create the most favorable deals for closing sales. 

These VinSolutions integrations are a direct response to the number one request from dealer software clients — to make products work better together. VinSolutions rapidly deployed products made to work in tandem to help dealers maintain and restart their businesses in a safer and more efficient manner. 


“We had multiple salespeople creating multiple consumer contacts, which produced confusion and redundancy,” said Don Wessels, general sales manager, Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville, AL. “The VinSolutions Connect CRM, Connect Desking and Cox Automotive Digital Retailing integration fixed the duplicate lead issue. The integration allowed us to not only create an efficient, branded ‘Buy Now’ experience for our shoppers, but also to seamlessly weave in digital presentation of profit-building F&I protection products.”

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