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Innovative AI Solution for Service Centers Serious About Customer Service

Service Setter’s Cari Connect takes the wheel for service phone handlers who are tired of being Owned By The Phone and struggling with low CSI scores.

Three years ago, Service Setter revolutionized the way service centers handle the phone with its CRISP methodology. CRISP service departments Connect calls to people who can help the caller, Request an in-person Inspection on every call, Set firm appointments and Pursue potential customers.

Service Setter is revolutionizing the way service centers handle the phone yet again. This time, it’s using artificial intelligence to solve the industry’s biggest challenge: connecting callers to the right person on the first attempt.

Kelly Ford, user research and product development director at Service Setter, said it best: service centers waste a ton of man hours to achieve mediocre connection rates.

“Once a service customer finally gets connected to someone, that phone handler blindly jumps on the call and repeats the same questions the bridge or receptionist just asked,” Ford said. “Callers get lost in the shuffle, employee time is wasted, CSI scores drop and you just end up with an exhausted caller reaching an ill-informed employee or no employee at all.”

Meet Cari Connect, a CRISP Agent Responding Intelligently, designed to help service centers be more CRISP on the phone and connect more callers. Cari Connect is the perfect companion for service advisors who are sick of connection mediocrity and are ready to challenge the status quo.

Cari’s capabilities are extensive. When a call comes in, she looks at previous inbound, outbound and text conversations to determine if the call is from an existing customer and who spoke to the caller last. Then she routes the call directly to that service agent or advisor, bypassing the bridge and receptionist completely. All of this analysis is done in an instant and callers get quickly connected to the appropriate person — without having to explain previous history or play phone tag between the receptionist and his or her intended party.

For callers where there is no caller history, Cari uses agent performance data to route calls to the agent most likely to schedule the appointment. That agent gets the first chance to snag that opportunity before the rest of the team, putting new RO opportunities in the most capable hands.

If a service center is using CDK, when the call reaches the appropriate person, Cari dips into the DMS data and recognizes who picked up the call and presents him or her with relevant information, such as customer name, appointment or RO status, caller history, information regarding where the call came from and a direct link into the scheduling platform.

Most importantly, Cari does wonders for a service drive’s customer service and CSI score. When callers call in, phone handlers have all the needed information right at their fingertips to help them. “Hi Jane, you must be calling about your 2015 Ford Explorer, we’ll have that ready at 5 p.m. today,” agent Robert says. Jane isn’t treated as just another caller — or as just another dollar, rather — she’s treated as a remembered, valued individual. Imagine how likely Jane is to rate her experience as positive at that service center now.

Cari is the best employee a service drive could ever hire…so why wait? Hire her today.

Service Setter

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