IAA Integrates SpinCar Feature Tour into Salvage Auction Platform
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IAA Integrates SpinCar Feature Tour into Salvage Auction Platform

IAA, Inc., a leading global marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers, announced recently that it has completed the integration of SpinCar Feature Tour into its online auction platform. This enhances the recently launched IAA 360 View and further expands the company’s merchandising platform. Through this new tool, buyers will be able to quickly and easily identify value-added features and options present on each listed vehicle.

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“Understanding the dynamics of a digital marketplace and the information buyers need to evaluate a vehicle asset is critical,” commented John Kett, CEO and president of IAA. “We do more than just sell a car online; we have set the industry standard in merchandising vehicles to buyers. Our merchandising platform, combining imagery, information and personalization, creates greater buyer engagement, delivers a more competitive auction environment and drives higher proceeds for our sellers.” 

Powered by SpinCar’s cloud-based software platform and comprehensive database of OEM-endorsed multi-media content, Feature Tour provides IAA’s buyers with instant access to each vehicle’s original manufactured features and options. By providing easy-to-understand videos, graphics and content, buyers are able to make more confident and informed purchase decisions. Feature Tour also provides buyers with the ability to customize their evaluation of vehicles based on specific areas of interest, including safety, performance, technology and convenience features.


“As more and more of the auction process moves online, vehicle sellers need to find new ways to enable buyers to understand the condition and inherent value of the vehicles that are being offered for sale,” said Devin Daly, SpinCar co-founder and CEO. “IAA is leading the way when it comes to building confidence with online auction purchases and we are thrilled to be working with them to introduce new merchandising technologies that bring greater levels of transparency and efficiency to the market.” 

This exclusive integration is the latest addition to IAA’s leading global merchandising platform, which includes:

  • Enhanced imagery that enables buyers to best assess each unique salvage asset through features including IAA 360 View, Engine Start video and high-resolution images;
  • Information that provides the buyer with in-depth details on the vehicle including Hollander Part Interchange, ChromeData, AutoCheck and equipment details; and
  • Personalization that delivers curated vehicle content and options based on a buyer’s research, bidding and buying behavior through IAA Buyer Recommendation Engine.

In 2019, IAA partnered with SpinCar, an automotive industry leader in digital merchandising, to introduce the salvage auction industry’s first 360° walk-around digital experience, IAA 360 View. Capturing both vehicle interiors and exteriors during IAA’s check-in and inventory process, 360 View extends vehicle evaluation tools and capabilities for the buyer beyond traditional condition reports and static photos.  



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