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How Self-Service Technology can Benefit Your Dealership

When a customer checks in using a connected self-service kiosk, they’re pushing updated, accurate information into your DMS.

Todd Marcelle is vice president and co-founder of GoMoto, a leader in kiosk technology for the service lane that provides streamlined, self-led customer check-in and check-out. He started the company in 2013, and it was later acquired by Reynolds and Reynolds in 2021.

Industries like airports, restaurants and grocery stores have been using self-service technology to increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies for over a decade, but it wasn’t until recently other businesses across the retail spectrum decided to adapt and embrace it too.

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According to an article by SpacePole, self-service kiosks are being used by retailers more frequently now than at any other point in history. The reason for the surge? Growing demand for contactless options, fueled by the pandemic and responsibility of businesses to provide a safe and hygienic experience.

Fortunately for the automotive industry, the benefits of self-service kiosks are better known and they are popping up more often in service lanes. Dealers are starting to realize they are no longer just a convenience, but provide solutions to the many problems they face as retailers today.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits kiosks can offer your dealership:

Improved Customer Experience

Customers don’t want to wait in line. Research shows that even a five-minute wait to check in for service lowers customer satisfaction by up to 50%. With self-service kiosks, customers can check in for their appointment in under two minutes.


This means shorter lines and wait times, not to mention a better overall customer experience. And we all know satisfied customers are more likely to leave good reviews and come back again for future service.

Increased Labor Efficiency 

Without self-service technology, there’s a good chance your advisors spend a significant part of their day doing check-in related administrative tasks and manual data entry. This leaves them very little time to focus on maximizing upsell opportunities, calling customers back in for previously declined services and assisting those who truly need their help.

When it comes to labor efficiency, self-service technology saves time and increases productivity. Giving customers the option to check in for service on a kiosk decreases friction at the check-in counter, which means advisors are freed up to focus on more profit-producing activities.

More Profit Opportunities

Self-service technology is proven to increase revenue. Businesses like McDonald’s reported a 6% increase in sales after introducing kiosks in their restaurants. Dealers see an average increase of over $60 in upsells with kiosks doing the heavy lifting.

In addition to upsell opportunities, when a customer checks in using a connected self-service kiosk, they’re pushing updated, accurate information into your DMS.

It’s not easy keeping customer information up-to-date. Pair human error with illegible ROs and you’ve got data you can’t even use! Kiosks solve this problem by making customer information collection a simple and easy piece of the check-in process; not to mention, clean email and mailing lists you can use for targeted service promotions and exclusive offers later down the line. Regular data updates help build brand loyalty, which in turn drives return customers and increased revenue.


At the end of the day, it’s not surprising customers are more satisfied with businesses who offer self-led experiences, especially since many remain cautious about their health and safety. But more than that, using self-service technology in your dealership, specifically for the check-in process, provides a level of digital convenience customers are used to in their other interactions.

Are you ready to take your dealership to the next level with self-service technology?

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