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How Auto Rental Industry Can Benefit from IoT

Automotive IoT solutions do more than connect your rental car to the internet, they also allow customers to access the vehicle via their smartphones.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is propelling us into the “near future,” and it will not stop there. The advent of IoT has opened up a world of possibilities for multiple industries and the automotive industry is taking full use of it.

The car rental business garners the most revenue within the automotive industry, and with the introduction of automotive IoT solutions it can only get better. There are many benefits to using IoT for your business, such as it allows rental fleet owners to manage everything between customer care to vehicle maintenance via something as simple as an IoT mobile app. With tech solution companies, rental businesses are getting ever closer to innovative and convenient online business strategies.

Many car companies have incorporated AI into their vehicles creating the “connected car,” a fast-growing industry estimated to have 83 million connected car shipments within this year. This combined with automotive IoT solutions mean streets will be much safer and driving will be more advanced than it has ever been.

Simplified and Convenient Reservation Procedure

Renting a car can be a complicated process with a lot of policies and clauses to read through, which usually means a lot of paper with a lot of room for error — an outdated process now that IoT exists.

With everything available online, you can easily manage and control customer information, online transactions and much more. This allows for a more organized management system with less room for error, ensuring quality service to your customers.

In today’s world, convenience and efficiency are key — applying automotive IoT solutions to your business will keep both you and your customers happy.

Car Maintenance Made Efficient

Using an IoT means gaining access to everything related to maintenance. You can easily track the vehicle location in real-time and even measure tire air-pressure, along with fuel indication and much more. This is done via a smart cloud where all information is stored. You can access this data through your smartphone via an IoT app or a web application on your PC.

The most crucial steps when renting a car are the pickup and drop-off; this too can be conveniently managed via an IoT web application. Due to the high scalability of automotive IoT solutions, you can add as many partners to the network as needed, allowing easy accessibility and a more streamlined maintenance process.

Operational Costs

With everything managed online through an app, you can greatly reduce operational costs, as you will need fewer employees handling physical data. Since everything will be automated and managed via the company website or app, it takes less time and effort to process reservations and manage bookings.

Most car rental websites and apps are designed with ease of access to both customers and car rental company employees; therefore, you can easily train a selected few to manage reservations via the website and app.

Smart Marketing Strategy

Utilizing IoT for your business will give you an edge over competitors. A great example of this is personalized service. This can be achieved by saving a client’s preferences for future bookings. This ensures they won’t have to start from the beginning when booking through the website a second time. This means that the customer will be directed to exactly what they want quickly and conveniently.

Quick, personalized service will ensure customer satisfaction and will help bring in more reservations.

Great Customer Service Options

Automotive IoT solutions do more than connect your rental car to the internet, they also allow customers to access the vehicle via their smartphones.

The customer’s phone will be paired to the vehicle, automatically allowing them to use their phone as the car key, make calls while driving, access the radio, navigate tourist maps, find their way to a hotel and make the payment for the rental service via a single smartphone app.

Creating an app that is the end-to-end solution for customers will mean your business will thrive as everyone is looking for a one-stop-shop for their needs.

The innovative efficiency of automotive IoT solutions will ensure that your business will win.

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