Fullpath Releases First-Ever Chat-GPT4-Powered Solution Tailored to Automotive

Fullpath Releases Chat-GPT4-Powered Solution for Automotive

The AI is trained to identify specific shoppers in the dealership’s database to best serve customers coming to dealership websites.

The chat solution is the first offering on the market that is enriched with auto industry-specific data to provide lightning-fast, intelligent customer service. By connecting dealers’ CRM,  inventory, specials, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specials, the purchasing experience will get its biggest upgrade since going online.

Fullpath is announcing the launch of its Chat-GPT4 powered product, tailored specifically for automotive dealerships through APIs and data connectivity. Fullpath’s GPT4-powered integration will supercharge its capabilities and put dealers who adopt the technology at the forefront of automotive innovation, the company said in a press release. 

The product release comes as the nearly $3 trillion automotive industry continues to digitize dealerships and OEM operations to unlock visibility, optimize operations and provide personalized customer service that today’s shoppers are accustomed to from shopping on Amazon and streaming personalized Netflix and Spotify recommendations. 

Fullpath’s AI chat will seamlessly integrate with dealership data sources like CRMs, inventory feeds and car specials so shoppers can interact with the chat in the most sophisticated way. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm because it can learn anything from coding and writing essays to lesson plans and much more. Now, with this technology being leveraged for and adapted to the automotive industry, car shoppers can experience this ease directly on dealership websites. 

With Fullpath’s ChatGPT-4 integration, customers will be able to ask dealer-specific questions such as, “What is the best car available for a family of five for $22,000 or less?” or “My car broke down. How can you help?” The AI is trained to combine the vast knowledge of the internet with the proprietary Fullpath data layer so it can identify specific shoppers in the dealership’s database to best serve today’s sales and service customers coming to dealership websites. With 95% of car shoppers turning to the internet first, frictionless online customer service will completely transform the face of the car-buying experience.

“Chat-GPT4 is a potent engine for efficiency and personalization, and by connecting it to critical aspects of dealer and OEM operations, we’re becoming the first platform to realize its potential for automotive,” says Fullpath CEO and co-founder, Aharon Horwitz. 

“It’s no surprise that Fullpath was the first company to release ChatGPT for car dealers, as they have consistently shown their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry. We are proud to be working with Fullpath as we continue to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers,” says Derek Deboer, owner of TC Chevrolet in Oregon. 

“Meeting the customer at the start of their automotive purchasing journey with personalized, relevant engagement is a must,” says Sean Western, director of marketing at Quirk Automotive Group, the first customer to adopt the technology while in beta. “Fullpath has allowed us to do exactly that with their platform, and now with the addition of their Chat-GPT4 integration, we’re able to blow customers away right as they land on our website.”

Over 500 North American dealerships signed up for the waitlist to implement Fullpath’s Chat GPT-4 solution upon its full release. 

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