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Fuel Dealership Success and Employee Satisfaction with Structured Workflows

This structured workflow will help your reps manage the incredible amount of data in the CRM. Today, a modern CRM can provide your sales reps with the tools they need to organize their prospects and their days.

Dealership sales employees are often heavily loaded with prospects possessing differing levels of information in the CRM. With lead possibilities scattered throughout the CRM, it can be difficult for reps to zero in on who to contact and how to do so.

This lack of process often results in the highly discouraged, yet overused, method of “cherry-picking” favorable customers. When sales reps rely on their instincts to call on hand-picked customers, they may lose track of individuals who are truly in need of attention. The result? Sales reps call on customers in the wrong phase of the buying process while accidentally ignoring those who may be ready to buy. This disorganization can lead to a dip in sales, leaving reps feeling unaccomplished and dissatisfied.

After careful observation of our customers’ showrooms, we concluded that sales goals are more attainable, and productivity is higher, when reps are presented with a priority listing of prospects. The best way to organize prospects is through continual use of a CRM. Today, there are multiple CRMs on the market — and it is key to identify the CRM that is compatible with the dealership’s specific needs.

When thinking about how to best utilize a CRM to increase the productivity of your sales reps, you need to look inwardly at your current CRM. Does it mold to your sales reps’ needs? Does it help your reps organize their time? Does it help your reps meet their prospects’ needs?

It is important to find a CRM that allows management to set a clear, directional focus for their business. The software you invest in should also be easy to set up, and more importantly, easy for your sales reps to use. For example, a modern CRM will provide your reps with a list of their top prospects based on dealership criteria. Throughout the day, modern CRMs send reps in the direction of unanswered leads and customers who need attention.

Reps who are provided with a structured call list, especially one that is compiled based on the needs of the prospects, will most likely see more engagement from their communications. This increase in engagement will lead to a spike in positivity from reps — and maybe even a spike in your profits. Ultimately, the underlying effects of a direct, customized workflow will increase your employees’ success — as well as satisfaction — in their role.

If you are currently in the market to purchase a new CRM, you may not have labeled “employee job satisfaction” as your first priority. While monthly expenses, sales goals, product integrations and other factors must be considered, remember that job satisfaction should not be overlooked. Ask any organization on “Best Dealerships” lists and they will tell you that dealership culture is the key to their success. By providing their sales team with effective tools as well as training, their reps are more successful — and so is the dealership. When you install a CRM that can help reps accomplish their goals, you are not only investing in your dealership but you are also investing in your employees — and that’s an investment that always yields positive returns.

In conclusion, condition your showroom for success. Work with your sales managers to create a structured workflow helping your reps to handle each and every prospect — Internet leads, phone-ups and walk-ins (although you don’t get as many of those as you once did). This structured workflow will help your reps manage the incredible amount of data in the CRM. Today, a modern CRM can provide your sales reps with the tools they need to organize their prospects and their days. Mike Ridenour

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