Fox Dealer Acquires Majority Interest in TagRail
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Fox Dealer Acquires Majority Interest in TagRail

Fox is combining its high-converting websites with TagRail’s advanced digital retailing platform to provide a cohesive shopping experience.

Fox Dealer announces it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in TagRail.

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According to Fox, by combining Fox’s high-converting websites and TagRail’s advanced digital retailing platform, the end result seeks to provide a cohesive omnichannel shopping experience for the car buying industry. Fox Dealer is committed to building the TagRail brand and is planning to keep TagRail an independent subsidiary of Fox Dealer.

Fox Dealer will be integrating TagRail’s digital retailing engine into its software ecosystem and will be preparing the release of new software solutions to dealerships this year.

As more and more of the initial car shopping process becomes digital, dealers have found that they simply must keep pace to provide the best experience possible and maintain steady customer interest. The Fox-TagRail partnership brings together innovative technology and quality execution of web services alongside a highly engaging workflow for customers, front-line employees and leadership alike.


“Fox Dealer continuously seeks to push the boundaries of how technology can better the future of the automotive industry, and it’s clear that TagRail is in lock-step with that same mantra. They have the same drive for over-the-top service and unceasing innovation,” said GianCarlo Alabastro, Fox Dealer’s founder and CEO. “That is precisely why we are making the investment we have into an organization like TagRail. Together we believe we can make the whole industry stronger. A customer’s experience is just as important as the dealer’s experience. If each succeeds, in the end, everyone wins. We want to make that as easy as possible for everyone involved. We strive every day to create scenarios of 1+1=3; the acquisition of TagRail is literally 1+1=11.”


“TagRail has dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to researching and understanding the double-sided plight of shopping for a car,” said Kiran Karunakaran, TagRail’s founder and CEO. “One of the most difficult concerns to resolve is creating an enjoyable experience for the customer and dealer alike. Pursuing a solution to that plight is why we believe this partnership with Fox Dealer is a win-win, not only for both of us but for all sides represented within the car buying experience. TagRail is relentless to the core in its pursuit of excellence. We found the same in Fox Dealer and know this is not an everyday occurrence. We also believe in the technology and solutions they expertly provide. Seeking to greatly enhance the industry alone is one thing. Doing so with other likewise individuals is empowering for all.”


Karunakaran will maintain his duties at TagRail but will also now assume an executive leadership role at Fox Dealer as chief product officer.

This acquisition will be featured at the upcoming NADA Show in Las Vegas, Feb. 14-17, where both companies will be co-exhibiting at booth #5803N.

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