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Ford Protect Names MaximTrak as Preferred F&I Menu Provider to Ford Dealers Nationally

MaximTrak simplifies the transaction, increasing delivery speeds and deal efficiency, and assists dealers in helping customers protect their vehicles through increasing Service Contract and F&I product penetration. 


MaximTrak (a RouteOne company), an finance and insurance (F&I) platform, was named a preferred provider to Ford Protect, a provider of extended service plans.

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MaximTrak will provide Ford dealers across the country with advanced F&I menu and reporting technologies including the company’s interactive FLITE platform. Ford chose MaximTrak as a preferred provider to offer dealers best-in-class options for showroom digitization and enhancing the customer experience in the F&I office. MaximTrak simplifies the transaction, increasing delivery speeds and deal efficiency, and assists dealers in helping customers protect their vehicles through increasing service contract and F&I product penetration.

Ford dealers that enroll will also get the benefits of a streamlined eContracting process. The products the consumers select on the MaximTrak platform will automatically be available for signature in the RouteOne eContracting system, which now features a unified customer signing ceremony for Ford finance, lease and protection product agreements including Ford Extended Service Plans, Maintenance Plans, GAP Protection and other Ford Protect products. This functionality enables a fast and secure digital signing experience and allows for the electronic distribution of all F&I documents.

MaximTrak’s digital solutions available through this preferred provider include:

  • MenuTrak – electronic F&I menus, sales presentation, and compliance management.
  • ServiceTrak – Service lane and RO up sales and also support protection product sales and enrollment.
  • Dashboards – Comprehensive DMS enabled reporting platform.
  • FLITE – Digital showroom experience leveraging consumer-interactive drag & drop technology, smart customer survey, predictive decisioning engine and intelligent product recommendations solution.
  • Digital Retail – Enables consumers to engage with dealers as they shop for cars online including online credit application, payment quotation, and F&I product education.

“We are honored and excited to have the opportunity to service and support Ford Protect’s dealer body,” said Jim Maxim Jr., president of MaximTrak and chief digital officer for RouteOne. “Our company is uniquely positioned to provide the absolute best service available in the industry, with over 30 dedicated field professionals that already support the more than 3,000 Ford dealers with credit application and electronic contracting today. Providing an integrated F&I experience and next generation technologies to customers like Ford Protect is one of the reasons we brought RouteOne and MaximTrak together in late 2016. We are very excited to be able to leverage the significant investments that our RouteOne owners have made in MaximTrak.”


“We look forward to working with MaximTrak as a preferred provider for Ford and Lincoln Protect dealers. MaximTrak’s digital solutions and connections with RouteOne create a streamlined and integrated experience to support a dealer’s F&I processes,” said Steve Lopez, Ford & Lincoln Protect U.S. operations manager.


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