Fluid Rx Diagnostics Releases Science & Technical Journal
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Fluid Rx Diagnostics Releases Science & Technical Journal

 “The Proof is in the Pudding.”
“Seeing is Believing.”
“The Devil is in the Details.”

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These are all commonly used quotes. However, what do they mean? In simple terms: “Don’t just tell me – Show me!”

For nearly two decades, Fluid Rx Diagnostics has offered just that: an ideal way to educate and show consumers when their vehicle’s vital fluids should be changed. This scientific instant lubricant test solves the dilemma of why and when to recommend and perform fluid preventative maintenance services.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics patented process provides a simple-to-read, comprehensive evaluation of a fluid’s precise condition. Now, in an effort to answer all doubt and/or questions about the validity of the program, the company is sharing its due diligence with a newly released, 129-page Technology & Scientific Data Journal.


“Unlike marketing tactics such as ‘lifetime fluids’ and ‘arbitrary’ time/mileage fluid service recommendations, we understand that our extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and documentation,” said Fluid Rx Diagnostics CEO Ron McElroy. “For far too long vital fluid services have been overlooked, ignored or misdiagnosed. In addition, our testing and analysis tools have often been misunderstood or mislabeled as just another color comparison scheme: New Fluids vs. Your Fluids . . . dab-tray device. Nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore, we have compiled our technical articles, white papers, industry and regulatory standards and detailed our science and technology as well as our program,” McElroy added. “This is verifiable evidence that will transform any and all industry skepticism. It doesn’t matter whether you are current a user of Fluid Rx Diagnostics, are contemplating adding it to your service routine or have not yet considered our valuable process, this journal provides relevant and vital fluid service information,” McElroy concluded.


All modern lubricants contain additives that breakdown over time and use. When additives deplete, fluids degrade and are unable to perform their intended functions. Fluid Rx Diagnostics measures additive depletion and the level of sludge or debris in fluids or oil. The ISO (International Standards Organization) Diagnostics Charts show how specific fluids appear at various points of depletion on their certified Test Sheet, “GOOD” – “CHANGE” – “OVERDUE.”

Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics follows all Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards (UICS) and California BAR guidelines for fluid service recommendations. The test results show the actual condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids including brake, power steering, transmission fluids; differential, transfer case and crankcase oils.


The new Fluid Rx Diagnostics Technical & Scientific Data Journal is available upon request. For a link to the electronic file, contact:

Fluid Rx Diagnostics by Magna-Guard, Inc.
[email protected]
P: 855-533-5843
F: 619-342-8674

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