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Fluid Rx Diagnostics Releases New Fluid Distributor Program

This upgraded program benefits from the finely honed Fluid Rx Diagnostics training materials made available to service providers over the past year. 

Fluid Rx Diagnostics by Magna-Guard, Inc. announced it now offers an improved version of its highly successful factory-direct program specifically designed for automotive fluid and chemical suppliers. It is crafted to give chemical suppliers a greater range of flexibility and increased profits by helping their customer base implement Fluid Rx Diagnostics Vital Fluid Analysis. This upgraded program benefits from the finely-honed Fluid Rx Diagnostics training materials made available to service providers over the past year.  It also assists representatives to significantly increase sales of their core services and ancillary products.

“For over a decade, Fluid Rx Diagnostics has enjoyed an outstanding relationship with many of North America’s most prominent chemical manufacturers and suppliers,” said Magna-Guard CEO Ron McElroy.  “During that time, we developed unique analytics to track the success of our clients. This information revealed that increases in fluid sales are directly related to the way our Vital Fluid Analysis process is presented and implemented; especially when it becomes part of the Multi-Point Inspection process. Our exclusive “Blueprint-for-Success” training program with instructional videos has helped many fixed-op, chain service facilities and independent garages achieve as much as a 300-percent increase in fluid sales in as little as 90 days. By making our training materials more accessible, chemical distributors can extend our knowledge and knowhow directly to their end-users,” McElroy added.

The resurgence of the original program and its upgrades were pushed forward with the addition of Steve Lynch as vice president of sales this past July. “I firmly believe that automotive chemical suppliers are, and always will be, an ideal fit for Fluid Rx Diagnostics and our unique upsell technology,” said Lynch. “I’m excited to bring our focus back to our core distribution base who know the lubricant and chemical market. They can now take advantage of the improvements we’ve made to the Vital Fluids Analysis report cards as well as what we have learned that works in making the process a success.” Lynch added.

This new program will utilized the latest Vital Fluid Analysis Report Cards developed in the final quarter of 2017.  “I’m looking forward to having direct contact with automotive chemical suppliers and manufactures to personally present the new Fluid Rx Diagnostics chemical distributor program. We know it will increase sales, bolster consumer loyalty and retention, and help them better serve dealership fixed-op as well as national and regional service chains,” Lynch concluded.

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