Fluid Rx Diagnostics Reaffirms Industry Compliance

Fluid Rx Diagnostics Reaffirms Industry Compliance

The company offers an instant lubricant test that reveals the actual condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids.

Earlier this year, Ron McElroy, founder and CEO of Fluid Rx Diagnostics by Magna-Guard, Inc., met with directors at the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). The purpose of this meeting was to discuss OE fluid service recommendations, Fluid Rx Diagnostics (FRxD) compliance with the Motorists Assurance Program’s (MAP) Uniform Inspection & Communications Standards (UICS), and to reaffirm that service shops that utilize the FRxD testing process and program are in harmony with the BAR’s Preventative Maintenance Services Best Practices.

“Over the past decade there has been a great deal of misinformation regarding proper maintenance of vital automotive fluids,” said McElroy.  “For instance, some car makers recommend servicing its brake fluids every two to three years or 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Yet, others have no recommendations at all. This is where MAP brings clarity and consistency to the service industry by basing fluid service recommendations on the depletion of additives for all vital fluids.”

The Fluid Rx Diagnostics exclusive “Blueprint-for-Success” process and program is in harmony with the BAR’s Best Practices. The process was designed to foster consumer trust to the automotive repair and maintenance industry.  

“We educate motorists to be informed decision makers in the maintenance of their vehicles. Our Vital Fluids Analysis and Instant Lubricant Diagnostics test results show customers ‘Why’ and ‘When’ fluid preventative maintenance services are due according to MAP UICS thus validating service provider recommendations,” McElroy concluded.

All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown. When these additives become depleted, the fluid degrades and can no longer perform its intended function. Fluid Rx Diagnostics measures additive depletion and the level of sludge or debris in lubricants. The ISO (International Standards Organization) Diagnostics Charts show how specific fluids appear at various points of depletion on their certified Test Sheet, “GOOD” – “CHANGE” – “OVERDUE.”  This is an instant lubricant test that reveals the actual condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids including brake, power steering, transmission, differential, transfer case and crankcase oils.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics

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