The Evolved Consumer Journey

The Evolved Consumer Journey

What it means for dealerships’ marketing strategies.

The automotive consumer journey — from browsing options to purchasing a vehicle — has changed drastically. Given this evolution of where and how consumers are shopping, it will be imperative for dealerships to closely evaluate how they are marketing their inventories online. With the right approach, retailers will be in a position to capitalize on these trends in car shopping well into the future, all while garnering a stronger return on their marketing spends.

In order to better understand this shifting landscape, consider a few key insights that Cox Automotive has observed in recent months. According to Cox’s Digitization of End-to-End Retail report, 76% of shoppers are open to the idea of buying completely online. Further, buyer satisfaction has reached a higher level than it has been since 2016 — over 70% of consumers reported being highly satisfied with their overall shopping experiences in 2020. Shedding even more light on the past year’s seismic shift on consumer habits, the Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study: Pandemic Edition noted that car buyers are more decisive than they have ever been. The amount of time spent researching and shopping online dropped by more than two hours from 2019 — and the average number of automotive websites that consumers visited also fell during this time.

So, what does this mean for car dealers? It underscores the fact that they have less time to capture the attention of car shoppers — and need to tailor their digital marketing strategies accordingly. Auto dealers’ media buys should therefore align with the desired journey of today’s car buyers.

For retailers, an efficient marketing spend starts with the right platforms. Traditional big data partners may be a main fit for the general marketing community, but dealerships need a more targeted approach to generate quality leads. In fact, the Car Buyer Journey study found that third party sites were the most popular first and last destinations for buyers over OEM sites, Google search and other locations — indicating they are a must for dealerships to consider when advertising.

Before a dealer’s customers decide where and what they are buying, they’re being influenced by other dealerships. Successful dealers realize that while their customer relationship management (CRM) is indicative of their strategy’s overall success, it doesn’t provide crucial insight into the consumer’s entire buying journey and purchase process. These dealers know customers are cross-shopping prior to buying. This knowledge allows them to make informed decisions about their marketing presence and prioritize areas where they reach the most customers the most often.

Ultimately, the fact that satisfaction with dealership experiences was higher during the pandemic than ever before shows that there’s immense potential amid this online shopping environment. Digital retailing has driven higher loyalty and trust over the last year — and that connection can be initiated by retailers through a sound marketing strategy that reflects an intimate understanding of today’s car buying journey.

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