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Educate, Don’t Sell with Videos

If you could say anything that you wanted to say to a shopper who you knew was watching your video from your competitor’s lot, what would you say?


The role of the automotive salesperson has changed in the last few years. Back in the old days, when car shoppers visited three or four dealers to view inventory, it was important for salespeople to be able to sell shoppers on why they should buy this vehicle from this dealership, right now. Sales, negotiation and closing skills were important.

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These days, shoppers are visiting significantly more dealerships to view inventory, but they’re doing it all online. Though it’s still important for your sales team to be able to sell shoppers on why they should buy “this vehicle” from “this dealership, right now” when the shopper is on the lot, it’s equally important that your sales team know how to “not sell” when communicating with shoppers during the research phase on the internet.  

The fact is, today’s car shopper wants to feel empowered to make their own decision. Why do you think they visit your website? They’re looking for educational information.  

The best way to build a foundation of trust with prospects is to give them the information they’re looking for. In addition, give them information they don’t know they’re looking for.

When you’re creating your video marketing strategy, it’s important to include a series of educational videos designed to bring a car shopper in the initial research phase all the way down funnel into your dealership, in one easy experience. The harder you make it for the shopper to find the “next answer” to their “next question,” the more likely they are to leave your website to find the answers somewhere else.


When you ask “What videos should I have?” you’re really asking “What information is the shopper looking for?”

Google gives us the exact blueprint in their report “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own.” We all know these moments as “The Buying Cycle.” As they go through the car-buying process, shoppers typically have the same questions. The answer to their questions should be provided on your website with the following types of videos.

Q: Which car is best?
A: Test drive and model review videos.

Q: Is it right for me?
A: Inventory videos and personal walkaround videos.

Q: Can I afford it?
A: Finance FAQ videos. Also, add rebate and incentive content to your test drive and inventory videos.

Q: Where should I buy it?
A: Value proposition, customer testimonial and personalized video communications such as video texts and emails created by your sales staff. Additionally, include personalized walkaround videos in the lead follow-up process. Every shopper is looking for a dealership and salesperson they can trust, as much as they are a vehicle to purchase.


Q: Am I getting a good deal?
A: Add geo-targeting to your inventory videos and video texts and emails.

Google estimates that at least 50% of all shoppers are “showrooming” when they finally do visit a dealership. I’m sure you see it every day. Your shoppers, standing on your lot and pulling up your competitor’s inventory on their phones. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that 50% of the people standing on your competitor’s lot are on their phones looking at your inventory (or reading your video message that you sent them).

This is the perfect time to add geo-targeting to your video strategy so that every single person who looks at your inventory videos from your competitor’s lot will see a special message from you. This might be your last chance to talk to this shopper. If you could say anything that you wanted to say to a shopper who you knew was watching your video from your competitor’s lot, what would you say?  Well…say it!

Today, the best way to convince car shoppers to visit your dealership is not to “sell” them, but to inform them with educational videos designed to build trust and bring them down funnel into your dealership. Create a series of videos that provide the information that car shoppers are looking for as they go through the buying cycle.


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