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Driving Up Your Service Sales Performance

Customer relations are an important part of every business. You work hard to maintain a positive reputation and develop trust with your clients.

Customer relations are an important part of every business. You work hard to maintain a positive reputation and develop trust with your clients. The opportunity to provide valuable services that promote their safety and show genuine concern is yours. When clients require service on their vehicle, it’s important that all of their auto needs are taken care of — and that includes glass repair and replacement.

Keep in mind that having a damaged windshield could be a huge safety issue if your client was involved in an accident. By providing windshield replacement or repair service on-site you are keeping them and their family’s safety as a top priority, and this can be easily pointed out during a service call.    

In today’s age, a variety of resources for any given product or service is at our fingertips. All we need to do is Google it. So, why not build client retention by offering services that will take care of their entire vehicle in one shot? Not only are you offering a better client experience, but you are also generating a new profit center. Many dealerships overlook this revenue stream as it may seem small or they are unsure how to begin offering this service.

All glass work can be done in the service department instead of being outsourced, which will bring the profit home to you. For a minimal investment, you can use glass software that will help you easily order the correct piece of glass for all makes and models, compare vendor costs and ensure quick delivery of the glass to the dealership so very little inventory is needed on-hand. Integrated software will network you to insurance companies and allow electronic processing of jobs to expedite payment.

Client experience and profit opportunities are important in your dealership today and should never be overlooked — especially when they are sitting in your service department. Many times a perceived smaller profit center may not get the attention it needs or deserves.

Demand for ADAS recalibrations shows no sign of slowing down. In fact 90 percent of vehicles will contain ADAS equipment requiring recalibration by 2029 (source: Specialty Analytics; based on a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent). As ADAS calibration becomes more of a requirement, profit margins are higher than ever with windshield replacement and repair. Replacing just one windshield per day could increase annual profit by over $80,000 for ADAS windshields.

Taking a few minutes to do a walk around when a vehicle is dropped off can reveal additional service opportunities, along with building trust and the client relationship. Look at all the glass on the vehicle as the walk-around is being conducted and point out glass that needs to be replaced or repaired.

Building long-lasting client relationships is a key to success. Offering more services while they are at your dealership creates a better client experience and more likely they will choose your dealership for their new car and service needs. 

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