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If You Don’t Give 100 Percent, Why Bother?

A salesperson’s approach to work defines how they are regarded by colleagues and, more important, by customers. It defines who they are at work, and it impacts their ability to succeed. If you aren’t prepared to give 100 percent, why bother?

Have you ever had a colleague who didn’t pitch in, do their share or who complained about everything? Is it the same person who skipped defined processes and took shortcuts just to get the job done? Did you wince every time you were put on their team? We’ve all been there, and some of us — admit it — have even been “that person.”

A salesperson’s approach to work defines how they are regarded by colleagues and, more important, by customers. It defines who they are at work, and it impacts their ability to succeed. If you aren’t prepared to give 100 percent, why bother?

A simple formula, one that never changes, drives success.

100% Attitude + 100% Effort + 100% Performance = 100% Results


Every day salespeople make a decision on how they’ll approach their day. They choose to embrace the day positively or grumble about the awful day ahead. Either way, their attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A positive attitude attracts buyers, helps convert them to customers and eventually makes them clients who purchase repeatedly. On the other hand, a negative attitude brought about by a focus on perceived problems (low sales, high overhead, economic problems or a bad morning) negatively impacts performance.

A negative attitude translates to poor service and an unpleasant experience for prospective customers. It pushes customers away from the salesperson and the business and sales fail. Managers look at the salespeople and think, “I don’t have a very good team,” or “Don’t they know how to close a deal?” Salespeople lament, “We have more people coming in, but they don’t really want to buy — not what we have to sell. How can I make any money?”


Webster’s defines effort as “a conscious exertion of power; hard work; a serious attempt.” Every salesperson must give 100 percent effort toward achieving their goals. Turn off social media, skip personal calls and focus on achieving the goals. With 100 percent effort, achieving 100 percent performance is simple.


Know your goals. Know what the plan is to get there and what needs to be accomplished daily to achieve them. Is it calling three clients? Setting two appointments? Writing five “thank-you” notes? Attending a networking event? What has to be accomplished consistently every day, 100 percent of the time? Performance is defined by Webster’s as “the execution of an action.” Every individual is responsible for performing fully, 100 percent. If you commit to making three calls, make them. Period. If you don’t you hurt yourself, your performance and, ultimately, your future.


Everything a salesperson does impacts his or her results. Bringing a 100 percent positive Attitude, adding 100 percent Effort and 100 percent Performance brings 100 percent Results. If you have a “bad” sales day, stop and honestly check these three factors — attitude, performance and effort.  Then, make adjustments and go after the results.

Richard F. Libin – President for APB

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