Digital Vehicle Portfolios: First Impressions from a Consumer's Viewpoint

Discovering the Digital Vehicle Portfolio: First Impressions from a Consumer’s Viewpoint

Knowing the dealership is transparent about the vehicle's history and condition makes customers feel more confident in their decision-making process.

Imagine you’re in the market for a used car and stumble upon a dealership’s website that welcomes you into a unique, colorful, interactive and informative-rich virtual showroom for each vehicle in your used car inventory. This is the first time you’ve encountered such an exciting digital feature, and you’re intrigued but have some questions about it.

I know you dealers have questions too, so before we get back to the consumer story, consider:

68% average open rate and a 55% average response rate upon introducing digital vehicle portfolios.

contributes to a significant $589 average gross profit increase per used car.

The seamless integration of this cutting-edge technology into the dealership’s CRM and DMS systems ensures all the valuable information is continuously updated and readily accessible, streamlining the connection between potential buyers and the sales team. This synergy significantly boosts the sales process’s efficiency, as salespeople are empowered to swiftly create tailored, VIN-specific presentations, leading to a more personalized experience.

What your consumer is opening is what’s called a digital vehicle portfolio. When they click on it, customers are greeted with an array of documents and media that resemble a neatly organized digital folder. This folder answers almost every question the shopper might have about this vehicle.

The portfolio includes the original OEM window sticker, detailed information about reconditioning investments, safety reports, walkaround photos and videos, and OEM brochures. It feels like you’ve just been handed a comprehensive evidence manual crafted to make your car-buying experience transparent and informed.

As you explore the portfolio, several questions come to mind:

1. What specific repairs or maintenance has been done? Were any major parts replaced?

2. What do the safety reports cover? Are there any outstanding recalls or issues?

3. Is there a detailed history report included? How many previous owners has the car had, and was it ever involved in an accident?

Navigating through the digital vehicle portfolio is designed to be a breeze for you as a customer. You’ll find that you can effortlessly explore different sections, like the window sticker that reveals the car’s original features and MSRP. It’s a fantastic feature that allows you to compare the vehicle’s past with its present. The reconditioning investment section is particularly telling, providing detailed accounts of the improvements and maintenance the car has undergone since it arrived at the dealership, giving you a clear picture of the vehicle’s current condition and the attention it has received.

The digital vehicle portfolio proves to be quite helpful. You find that it answers many of your initial questions without having to wait for a salesperson. The information is comprehensive and presented in a way that builds trust. Knowing the dealership is transparent about the vehicle’s history and condition makes you feel more confident in your decision-making process.

Revolutionizing the car-buying journey, the digital vehicle portfolio meets the needs of both dealers and customers with unparalleled efficiency. It illuminates the complex history of a vehicle, instilling clarity and confidence for sellers and buyers alike. Easily accessible and detailed information empowers you, the dealer, and your customers to partake in a more informed decision-making process, streamlining sales and boosting satisfaction with each purchase.

Enhancing the transparency of the vehicle-buying process, the digital vehicle portfolio reflects a dealership’s dedication to honesty and open communication. For a consumer encountering this tool for the first time, there’s an immediate sense of being more empowered and knowledgeable. This clarity underscores the dealership’s support for your informational needs, pioneering a new benchmark for customer empowerment in the automotive industry.

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