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Dealerships Can Now Assess Their Safety Recall Performance

AutoAp announced the launch of Safety Recall Performance (SRP) Assessment, an online service to help auto dealers assess their current safety recall management capabilities and provide recommendations for how to immediately improve recall repair management. 

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The tool is free to dealers until March 31, 2021. Beginning April 1, 2021, the service will cost $495.  

“AutoAp is a cost-effective, integral part of managing safety recalls across our various dealerships,” Chris Cleveland, compliance officer at Galpin Motors in Southern California, said. “Their software is backed by a great support team who is dedicated to reducing your safety recall liability.”  

According to AutoAp research, more than 20% of all vehicles on the road have at least one open safety recall. Out of the nearly 1,000 recalls published each year, more than 100 of these have an average delay of 16 days between an auto manufacturer’s announcements and National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) publishing the recalls, with many being delayed for months. In addition, an AutoAp review of the NHTSA data in 2014 found an error rate of nearly 30%. These errors persist, even today. 

“Many dealers are unaware of the liability and risks they face due to errors and timing delays between manufacturers and recall information providers such as SaferCar, NHTSA and vehicle history reports,” said Mark Paul, CEO of AutoAp. “As a result, dealers often buy or sell vehicles with open safety recalls without knowing it. We created the Safety Recall Performance Assessment to give dealers an objective view of their safety recall repair operations and provide actionable recommendations that can boost profits and decrease liability.”  


AutoAp, which launched its Dynamic Recall Management (DRM) service in 2015, currently supports nearly 1,500 dealerships, rental car companies and corporations across the country to help manage open recalls by providing the most accurate and timely recall information available.  

By taking a three-minute survey about their current recall repair management methods, dealers will receive a comprehensive report with customized and actionable recommendations to increase profitability, decrease liability, reduce customer risk and improve compliance. 

“The Safety Recall Performance Assessment tool is a quick and easy method for giving dealers insight into an important industry challenge,” Paul said. “Taking just a few minutes to complete, this tool can help put dealers on a path to better understand their current risks, and perhaps even more importantly, drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profits by making a few simple operational changes.” 

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