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DealerFenix Introduces a Reporting, Workflow and Activity Solution for Auto Dealers

Innovative system designed to improve process adherence and consistency, eliminate repetitive tasks and automate activities to keep projects moving.


Albany, NY – DealerFenix recenlty introduced an innovative reporting, workflow and activity solution for auto dealerships. The DealerFenix platform is integrated with, and sits on top of, a dealership management system (DMS) and is designed to improve process adherence and consistency. DealerFenix allows dealers to easily track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, and automate dealership workflow processes to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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“For more than 20 years I have worked with dealers and watched the way they used their DMS and reporting systems, but there was always something missing,” said Praveen Tamvada, founder and President of DealerFenix. “Most processes in a dealership involve multiple people in several departments, and there has never been an easy way to track where a project is, who has done what, or who has yet to do something, until now.”

DealerFenix’s reporting system incorporates a powerful dashboard that allows dealers to view KPIs across all departments in one application. Custom email and text notifications can be set up for any metrics that dealers want to track. Dashboard widgets allow dealers to drill down into transaction-level detail, and all reports are accessible on mobile devices.


“Most reporting systems just pull out and present data, but I designed DealerFenix to be intelligent and actionable,” said Tamvada. For example, most reports that show grosses from F&I or Service aren’t accurate because they don’t factor in adjustments made in accounting. DealerFenix makes it easier to investigate discrepancies and includes these adjustments to provide managers with the most accurate information.

Workflow automation improves process adherence and provides a level of consistency that improves employee and customer satisfaction. The DealerFenix workflow solution allows the creation of if/then rules that eliminate repetitive and manual tasks. For example, when an RO is closed, DealerFenix can instantly send a notification to the customer that their vehicle is ready to be picked up and can automatically generate an invoice.


DealerFenix can be used to create a workflow for any dealership process. The solution comes with a number of built-in, customizable workflows including vehicle reconditioning, contracts in transit, accounts payable, title tracking and manager approvals. Every time a status change is indicated in the DMS, DealerFenix alerts the appropriate team members and triggers an actionable activity, leading to the completion of the next step in the process.

The following workflows in DealerFenix are examples of how processes can be tracked and automated:

Vehicle Recon

DealerFenix is the only recon solution that is fully integrated with a dealership’s DMS. When a vehicle is brought in via a trade or auction, a used car manager can instantly create an RO on his computer or mobile app. The service department is immediately alerted and the clock starts ticking for that vehicle to get to the front line. With DealerFenix, the used car manager can see exactly where that vehicle is, when parts were ordered and arrived, if the vehicle is at an outside body shop or if it’s held up in service and why. Alerts and notifications can be customized for every step.


Price Auto Group has been beta testing DealerFenix for several months. “What I like best is the recon system. It saves my team countless hours and has shaved several days off getting vehicles to the front line,” said Trevor Shoun, Director of Technical Operations for Price Auto Group. “The fact that it ties in with RO data and vehicle merchandising makes the tracking of cars through the system a breeze.”

Title Tracking

DealerFenix allows dealers to track titles from the moment a car is acquired, including the origin of the title, where the title is, the reason why a title is held up, who is responsible for the next step in the process, when the title was received and if it was issued. DealerFenix allows employees to enter detailed comments at every step, if desired.


Contracts in Transit

If it takes more than a few days for a contract to be funded, chances are there’s a problem. DealerFenix allows easy identification of all outstanding contracts, along with the reason why it wasn’t paid. Additionally, it allows the dealer to assign tasks to the F&I Manager and others involved in the process.

“So many processes in dealerships require different departments to work together, but without a system to track everything, people forget things or make errors that lead to costly mistakes,” said Tamvada. “I set out to make DealerFenix more than just a reporting solution. This is an affordable system that includes a workflow and activity system designed to make dealers more successful.”




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