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3 Must-Haves for Your Dealer Video Ad

Whether you’re making Facebook ads, TV commercials or anything in between, here are three important must-haves that you might not have thought of.


You already know video ads can help you stand out in a busy media landscape — but they’re quickly becoming the baseline for engaging with your customers. Don’t settle for checking the box. Whether you’re making Facebook ads, TV commercials or anything in between, here are three important must-haves that you might not have thought of.

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Tell a Cohesive Story
Nail the hook, then make sure your video tells a cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end. Customers won’t watch ads that hit the same tired, old, disjointed points. They don’t want to picture themselves at the dealer with a salesperson, they want to picture their life with their great new car. An average ad may help you develop brand recognition, but is it really the kind of recognition you want? At best, an average auto dealer ad brings a short period of heightened brand recognition. At worst, it’s the butt of a local joke.


Focus on sharing substance throughout — reviews and deals are a good place to start. Then, close with a strong call to action that ties into your message. Your story doesn’t just apply to one video ad either. What follow-up messages will make sense to deliver in the future? Thread your story through each touchpoint in your sales funnel. Tie your marketing and sales efforts together more broadly to make the experience a cohesive one for your customers.

Be Authentic
Creating a video ad can take weeks, so it only makes sense that you’d want it to be polished. We’re all about giving a damn, but be careful that your ad doesn’t turn out sounding like someone else. Don’t use car jargon if that’s not how you talk to customers face to face, and if you’re not funny, don’t make a video full of jokes. Audiences will sniff out inauthentic messages from a mile away, so make sure the vibe of your ad is consistent with the ethos of your dealership. Let your voice come through — there’s really no need to be something you’re not.


On that note, don’t be afraid to get personal. Think about what you highlight about your dealership and team to your friends and family. Ask your friends and family what their experiences were like buying from your dealer. Incorporate those sentiments if you can. Include photos of your dealership, employees and customers. Reviews and testimonials are also a great way to support your message and make it human.

What first? Identify two to three reviews and photos that represent the character of your dealership well.

Make It Look Exceptional
Don’t treat commercials or video ads as something to check off your list because everyone else is doing it. Think of every video as a first impression — because in many cases, it will be. Earning customer trust is harder than ever, and every video view is a make-or-break moment.


So create something that will set you apart. Be bold. Make your video professional and put-together. High-quality visuals and music are a must, and an aesthetic that matches the message you’re trying to deliver is key too.

Think carefully about the norms of the channels you’re advertising on, both stylistically and technically. You can have a stunning video ad, but if it’s in the wrong aspect ratio, you’ll look like an amateur. Keep in mind: mediocre marketing is worse than no marketing at all. If they’re average, you’re wasting your time and maybe even dissuading potential customers from giving you a shot over the dealer down the road.


What’s next? Here’s one of our favorite dealer ad examples for inspiration.


All that to say, exceptional video ads are very much within your reach — it just takes a little TLC to create a powerful driver for your dealer. Put some thought into it, tell a story, stay true to your brand and make it beautiful. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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