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Dale Pollak’s Latest Book Reveals a New Way to Wholesale Vehicles for Dealer

Dale Pollak, debuts his sixth book, Whole Truth: A Fresh Money-Making Method to Wholesale, the Most Misunderstood Side of Your Business. The book details the reasons wholesaling vehicles for dealers has historically been a break-even or money-losing proposition, and it introduces a new method for dealers to wholesale vehicles to build a second barrel of money-making opportunity in their used vehicle departments. The book also introduces a new Cox Automotive solution that will transform the wholesale buying and selling experience for both sellers and buyers. Dedicated to Dale’s father, Len Pollak, Whole Truth continues the family’s generosity of spirit, insatiable curiosity about the car business and sincere desire to make the automotive business better for everyone. 

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Whole Truth begins with a belief that runs counter to how many dealers regard wholesale vehicle that these vehicles should be a source of consistent, profitable outcomes for dealers, especially as the era of easy money in the wholesale market that dealers enjoyed in 2020 and 2021 comes to an end. Whole Truth examines the reasons dealers, including Pollak, have historically regarded wholesaling vehicles as a break even or money losing proposition. In addition, the book details how advances in data science and technology enable a new method and Cox Automotive solution that dealers can use to consistently make money as they take in cars and send them to the wholesale market.  


Key takeaways from the book include: 

  • How the often overlooked realities of wholesaling vehicles have led dealers to accept sub optimal outcomes when they sell wholesale vehicles. 
  •        An in depth, history based view of the best practices top performing sellers employ as they sell wholesale vehicles to consistently turn a profit on their investments. 
  • An insider’s view of the data science and development efforts at Cox Automotive that shaped Upside, a new solution that executes wholesaling best practices on behalf of dealers. 
  • How Upside eliminates wholesale market inefficiencies that contribute to less than ideal vehicle trade in and purchase experiences for consumers.  
  • A clear eyed view of the steps dealers can take to fully achieve their wholesale profit making opportunity and create a second barrel of profit producing business in their used vehicle departments.  

Whole Truth will be released at NADA 2022, March 10th to 13th, in Las Vegas. Dealers can receive a free copy with an Upside preview. The book is available for prepurchase on Amazon.  


To learn more about Whole Truth, visit vAuto.com/wholetruth. 

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