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Cut Through the Noise with Omni Channel Marketing

From the moment you open your eyes until the second you turn off your phone and lay your head down to sleep, there are a multitude of companies competing for your mind and dollar space. You’re bombarded by persuasive imagery and language produced at a rapid rate and output — all designed to prompt a purchase. After a while, the typical consumer becomes jaded, and what was once intended to create a reaction eventually falls on deaf ears. Is there a way to cut through the noise?

​As marketing decision makers, you are faced with several projects vying for your attention every day. One after the other, you make tough decisions that your dealership will heavily rely on. Among the madness of managing people and making the numbers work, you have to find and create new ways to reach the buyer. Staying ahead of the competition is a constant battle and taking your foot off the gas — if only for a moment — can risk a major setback. Implementing the proper marketing mix at your dealership is an ever-evolving process and pinpointing your intended audience can seem like trying to hit a moving target. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way to reach a segment of buyer’s consistently and continuously using the most direct and modern mediums.

Omni Channel Marketing has been able to cut through the noise of the fast-paced world we live in. Taking your message and delivering it across multiple channels is a way to keep your message constant and relevant. When setting up a campaign, the most effective way is leveraging modern technology and traditional direct mail to create a successful event. By utilizing IP direct banner ads, direct mail and emails, you can combine a potent mix that is affordable and will increase your response rates significantly.

Look for a provider who can deliver your message — tailored to your dealership and its unique demographics — in such a way that it’s relevant and memorable to the consumer. If it is, and only if it is, it can cut through the noise.

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