Create a Clear Path to Conversion

Create a Clear Path to Conversion

Aim to emulate the ideal showroom experience by translating it to the digital world.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication When it Comes to Optimizing User Experience

A digital shopping experience absent of friction can lead your customers to what they are looking for. Often, it is that frictionless experience that creates early trust and a solid leg for future positive interactions to stand on. These first impressions are paramount to creating long-term evangelists of your dealership and your overall brand, which is why creating a pleasant digital experience for your customers can benefit your bottom line for years to come.

Attention Is Finite in Nature

If you’re like most dealers, you’re working with a handful of vendors who are competing for the same thing: attention in your digital showroom. Why? To justify the ROI on their tools and to give them more positive things to report during your next performance review. That said, the attention generated around these tools can be two-fold: they can enhance the customer experience or they can negatively impact your brand by introducing unnecessary friction.

Eaten by Sharks

Let’s look at this through the lens of real-world interaction. Imagine a slow Saturday afternoon with five members of your sales team standing around the showroom. Just then, an older couple walks through the door, interested in looking at some vehicles and asking some honest questions. Would it be better for a single employee to approach the couple or to assault them with the unwelcome attention of five competing salespeople who want the sale? The latter is equivalent to what can happen in your digital showroom when prospective buyers are assaulted by invasive pop-ups, loud chat tools and multiple CTAs on your VDP. This erodes the customer experience and negatively impacts first impressions of your brand.

What You Can Do

To eliminate friction from the buying process, find tools and partners that are focused on providing (or supporting) a linear path for the customer to follow. Aim to emulate the ideal showroom experience by translating it to the digital world. Stop introducing unwelcome duplications brought on by OEM tools just to appease co-op opportunities. Believe me; it’s not good for customers or dealers to have two to three digital retailing tools on their website.

How Clear of a Path Do You Provide?

If you’re unsure, make it a point to shop yourself often. Set aside your personal bias. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer, asking friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Request an uncontested, no-filter assessment of their experience, noting what they liked and (arguably more important) what they did not like, and accept the feedback in a constructive way. By committing to the continual refinement of the path you offer, you might be surprised by how quickly you can make it easier for your customers to enjoy the frictionless experience that will set you apart from local competitors.

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