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Are You Making a Common CRM Process Mistake?

Every dealership is different, so every process should be different, but there are a couple of common mistakes we often see dealers make that are worth keeping in mind
as you develop your processes.

High Performance Doors Are a Design Priority

With many of our nation’s auto dealerships rapidly expanding and renovating, there are important design considerations and equipment selections to be made during the process. New facility image requirements and the ever-growing equipment technologies offered to this industry have made the equipment selection process a full-time task.

Onboarding the Right Employees for Handling the Phone in 90 Days

Setting a foundation isn’t an overnight process. ‘Hitting the ground running’ does nothing but set you and your new hire up for a train wreck. It takes new hires eight months to reach their full potential. Put the time in and do it right. A one-week onboarding process isn’t sufficient for new hires; learning takes time.

How to Connect With More Customers

Car sales are not about standing around, waiting for ups. It’s about being proactive, not just with new leads coming in but also with the customers sitting in your CRM. If you’re not data mining, you’re wasting an amazing opportunity.

Maximizing Transparency in Cleaning Automotive Glass

I spend a fair amount of time in detail shops and car washes, and without question one of the major technical problems these facilities have is getting clean, streak-free glass.

Understanding Rewards

A solid rewards program is not trying to trick the customer into doing business but thank them for their business in a meaningful way.

Up in a Down Market: Inventory and Competition, Part 4

Certain vehicles sell quicker in certain colors and packages than others, so we use technology to determine what the fastest-moving vehicles at any given time in the market would be and that’s what we try to acquire.

Slow and Steady Never Wins When It Comes to Your Website

Pole position on the racetrack is important, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. It is, however, strongly correlated with top-five finishes, including first place. Think of your Website like a race car. When you consider its value and performance relative to selling cars, a blazing-fast Website is your marketing cornerstone.

Federal Regulations and Getting to Compliance Confidence

Most dealers know compliance can be critical to their bottom line, but many do not know how to balance staying current with today’s ever-changing regulatory environment with the day-to-day needs of running and growing their business.

Master the Practice of Profitable Used Car Reconditioning

Here’s a question often asked when dealership group managers gather, which unfortunately typically goes unanswered: “How many of you know your average days in recon?”

Use a Multi-Bureau Approach to Generate More Sales and Gross Profits

“Process, as you know, is essential for any dealership. A consistent procedure to pull all three bureaus at the right time in the sales process before desking the deal is critical to maximizing the benefits of score variance.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Construction Project

Change is pain, and nowhere is that more easily articulated than through a construction project. The process by which dealers must navigate their OEM, third-party compliance reviewers and local municipalities just to get their vision for their facility made a reality can be a headache.