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Why Pushy Sales Tactics Are in the Past

It’s time to abandon the traditional selling tactics, like cold calling, and switch to a system that actually works.

Saluting — and Hiring — Those Who Serve

There are many ways we can honor and assist veterans — including hiring them.

Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data to Thrive

As dealerships, we often want what we don’t have, and data is no exception.

A Temporary Level of Success

For recon systems to get cars sale-ready faster, they must identify workflow inefficiencies to remove bottlenecks and delays.

Cut the Marketing, Keep the Leads

The reality is, we don’t have inventory to match demand right now. So why are you spending so much on advertising?

The 7 Culture Killers

By giving team members a work environment conducive for success, we’re providing them a launch pad so they can soar.

The Future of Integration

See how dealers are unlocking the power of true performance, personalization and integration with customer experience solutions.

Virtual Car Buying: How Do We Move Forward

At its core, the virtual car-buying experience is all about making the transaction more convenient (and safer) for the customer.

The Quiet, Billion-Dollar Liability Auto Finance & Insurance Companies Face

With fines that can cost up to $7,500 per occurrence and with 273 million vehicles on the road today, not deleting the personal information in vehicles constitutes a multi-billion-dollar exposure for the automotive industry.

Using Video Experience Landing Pages to ‘Sell the Dealership’

Before selling a car, dealers have to sell the dealership to the customer, and the key to this is through online video marketing.

Hurricane Season and Its Impact on Auto Players

As a direct result of ongoing storms, dealers may need to reposition inventory, moving it out of harm’s way and into safety.

3 Auto Retail Insights for Your Ears Only

Rapid Recon CEO Dennis McGinn chats with industry professionals for invaluable insight into current auto trends.