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See All That Asphalt? Double the Building

Dealers can likely anticipate a lot of extra space on their lots for the foreseeable future. What can be done with it all?

Master Change Management with Your DMS

It’s not enough to just manage a plan. Leaders need to take ownership and ensure that processes are seen all the way through.

The ABCs of TLP (Total Loss Protection)

With a TLP product, revenue is generated throughout the term of each contract and there’s direct tie-back for vehicle replacement.

What Happens When the Acute Chip Shortage Turns Chronic?

Safety recalls are often found after the vehicle has left the lot. Getting those customers back in for repairs has tangible benefits.

Maximize Your Auction Success with Window Stickers, Part 2

In today’s competitive market, consumers expect a superior digital experience with all the information at their fingertips.

2022: Lead the Way, or Get Left Behind

The automotive industry has changed and your success will be dependent upon your ability to adapt and change along with it. 

Critical Role of Technology in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Measure the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy so you can make the most out of your video content.

Digital Transformation of the Auto Industry

We explore how the most innovative companies are driving the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

The Path of Least Resistance — Bet on It

The consumer will reward us for removing friction from their car-buying experience.

4 Major Disruptors Impacting the Automotive Industry Right Now

Carriers are feeling pressures from rising fuel prices and a shortage of drivers.

5 Tips for an Effective, Connected TV Marketing Strategy

Fragmentation among coveted in-market shoppers is causing marketers to re-think how they should connect with car buyers.

Think Differently: Window Stickers Matter on Pre-Owned Vehicles

Gain a competitive advantage by establishing a higher level of consumer transparency, leading to increased profitability.