Cover Genius, AutoMatrix Empower Dealers to Improve Customer Experiences

Cover Genius, AutoMatrix Empower Dealers to Improve Customer Experiences

AutoMatrix’s dealers will be able to offer insurance and warranty packages that can be tailored in real time.

Cover Genius has partnered with dealer management software (DMS) company, AutoMatrix, to give dealerships the ability to offer full auto insurance to customers at the point-of-sale. This solution empowers dealerships to seamlessly integrate insurance into the car buying process. 

By integrating Cover Genius’ XCover API, its distribution platform that provides coverage for any line of insurance in any country, language and currency, AutoMatrix’s dealers will be able to offer insurance and warranty packages that can be tailored in real time by any buyer within its U.S. dealership network. Facilitating more than 20K vehicle sales annually, Cover Genius will be the DMS’s exclusive insurance and warranty platform, offering full damage and liability protection.

“Traditionally, purchasing insurance has been a major hassle for customers who are buying a car, requiring them to undergo a tedious process — either within the dealership or as a separate offline effort — for ‘one size fits all’ coverages that don’t meet their unique needs,” said Angus McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Cover Genius. “Having made significant strides to enable ecommerce companies to distribute insurance globally, including retail, travel and logistics, our partnership with AutoMatrix is an exciting next step in expanding our presence in the U.S. automotive and mobility market where we have insured 2 million customers in the last three years. Our technology uniquely enables dealers to offer a first-in-class customer experience while also turning insurance and warranties into an area of profit.”

As one of the fastest-growing global insurtechs, Cover Genius puts customers at the center of insurance, allowing auto and mobility companies, as well as companies in other verticals, to offer flexible, personalized policies that protect their global customers. In doing so, its API produces regulated products, which can be integrated into any part of the sales process, globally in more than 60 countries and in all 50 U.S. states — setting it apart from others in the space. 

“This partnership gives our dealerships the opportunity — for the first time ever — to be true, full-service dealerships,” said Sia Anasseri, CEO and managing partner of AutoMatrix. “Knowing that brick-and-mortar dealers are facing increasing competition from digital retailers, we are proud to offer dealers the ability to improve the customer experience by solving an inefficient process that drove customers out of dealers.”

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