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Complete Alignment Solution from Hofmann

The geoliner 590 features a wireless communication system with Bluetooth technology and cordless pods.


When used together, the new Hofmann geoliner 590 Mobile Wheel Alignment System and the Hofmann 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift System will give shops a competitive advantage in the wheel alignment business with increased performance, flexibility and profitability.

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“Combining the geoliner 590 with the Hofmann 12K 4-Post Lift will give shops a full-alignment solution at a very affordable price,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for Hofmann. “Using these two new Hofmann alignment products together is a difference-maker for shops performing wheel alignments and will allow them to operate efficiently, while realizing increased performance and profitability.”

Versatile, yet compact in size, the new Hofmann 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift System can be used on any vehicle from compact cars to heavy-duty pickups. This innovative lift system is designed to fit into a small space, while providing up to 12,000 pounds of heavy-duty lifting capacity. Offering users four-wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements, its 20.5-inch wide “Pro-Style” runways help save time when loading vehicles onto the lift, and the closed front end design maintains a steady, shake-free lift for advanced alignment equipment measurements.

The new Hofmann geoliner 590 aligner with Windows 10 combines imaging alignment technology with speed and efficiency, all in a fully portable package. The geoliner 590 features a wireless communication system with Bluetooth technology and cordless pods, providing the mobility and flexibility needed by technicians.

The geoliner 590 offers many productivity-enhancing advantages, including the EZ-TOE for electric power steering feature which turns the front wheels and helps access difficult adjustment points, while still displaying centered toe readings, and the ride height measurement feature which obtains proper alignment specs. The system’s extensive OEM specs offering allows quick and accurate vehicle selection.



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