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Coffee Sells Cars

How can you continue to offer the best customer experience?

How Dealerships Can Adapt Their Services Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

There is no longer a need to prove it: coffee is a great amenity that helps attract and retain your clients inside the dealership. It increases your customer’s happiness level and gives you extended time to make your presentation. Moreover, if it’s good, it may have a small role to play in your sales numbers at the end of the month.

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly reshaped the way we sell and the way we buy. Cashless payment, frequent cleaning routines, revised protocols and procedures are everybody’s new “normal.” Surely you have already taken measures in response to the pandemic situation and are adapting to this new situation. 

Public health departments in numerous counties and states are progressively allowing the reopening of retail stores, and along them, car dealerships. While service and repair departments may be considered as essential services, how can you get customers in your store to buy their next vehicle, to complete their next service and to develop the strong relationship that is the key to your success? 

According to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen, “While there is no ‘one thing’ that makes all the difference, taking a holistic approach to safety will lead to better outcomes.” The grocery store chain experienced larger traffic and sales with the pandemic outbreak, which led the company to adapt quickly to the new pandemic reality. Kroger even published a blueprint on how to manage the situation and adapt to ensure the foot traffic in your store stays strong. (See this post on for a link to Kroger’s Blueprint for Businesses.)

A survey conducted by Shekel Brainweigh, manufacturer of weighing technologies for the retail market, showed that 87% of U.S. consumers prefer to shop in stores that offer touchless solutions during the COVID-19 situation. Customers are looking to buy in-store rather than online but are changing the way they buy and looking for a complete touchless experience. 

Safety does not mean you have to compromise the comfort and experience that will help you retain your customers and develop a great relationship. How can you continue to offer the best customer experience? While it may present many challenges, the reopening of your show room should not be a hindrance to your success.

Numerous technological innovations already started to unfold to face the COVID-19 struggles. North American distributors and manufacturers have developed new touchless systems allowing consumers to order coffee without touching the machine. This allows the clients to order their favorite drink without having to touch anything other than their smartphone by scanning a QR code directly on the brewer screen.

Companies also offer a wide selection of touchless solutions that can help your dealership offer a variety of prepared foods and beverages to your clients. 

Customers are adapting the way they shop; you should do the same to evolve in this fast-changing environment. Never underestimate the importance of a cozy waiting room with great coffee and snacks, and the role it plays in the global customer experience. 

Coffee will also help boost your employees’ moral and give them the energy they need to get through the day. Thanks to the new technologies that emerged with the COVID-19 outbreak, they will be able to drink their favorite beverage without compromising their health and safety. 

We’re all together in this, let’s share a cup toward success.

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