Clutch Technologies Service Pickup and Delivery Drives Operational Efficiencies, New Revenue Opportunities
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Clutch Technologies Service Pickup and Delivery Drives Operational Efficiencies, New Revenue Opportunities

While Motor Werks Auto Group, a six-franchise automobile dealer, has offered the convenience of pickup service and delivery to its customers in the past, it was primarily done manually. Since activating Clutch Pickup Service and Delivery at its state-of-the-art campus in Barrington, IL., Motor Werks is now able to automate driver, valet and concierge dispatch with in-field tools tied to tracking the real-time availability of people and vehicles.

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“Clutch has streamlined our process and created an organized workflow for our service department’s pickup and delivery business,” said Mark Schroeder, service operations director, Motor Werks Barrington. “Rather than valuable time spent chasing the process, our service advisors can focus more on the customer experience and upselling. Clutch has helped our service departments make it easy.”

Seamless Integration with Xtime and TSD
In the automotive service business, it is all about customer convenience and value, and Clutch has helped Motor Werks deliver on both priorities, making it easy for the dealer group’s service department and customers. Easy will always be the choice for consumers, and Clutch has helped Motor Werks deliver. Much of this convenience is delivered through Clutch’s integrations with Xtime and TSD.


“Our customers love how easy it is to make an appointment, schedule the pickup, delivery and loaner vehicle, if needed. With the integration Clutch has with Xtime and TSD, it all happens seamlessly. Our Service Business Development Center no longer worries about communication with the valets or overbooking the systems,” added Schroeder.

More Service Appointments and Revenue with Loaners
Clutch’s software has also helped Motor Werks more efficiently manage the utilization of its loaner fleet. In fact, the organized scheduling platform has consistently produced more one-day pickup and deliveries. 

“In many cases, when a customer can get their vehicle picked up and delivered back in the same day, they do not request a loaner. Since activating Clutch’s Service Pickup and Delivery platform, we’re turning loaner vehicles faster and generating more revenue per repair order,” added Schroeder. 


According to the Cox Automotive COVID-19 Consumer Impact Study, 82% of consumers who have used service pickup and delivery are likely to choose one dealership over another based on it being offered. 

“The owner mobility segment has made significant strides this year with more dealers introducing service pickup and delivery solutions to meet growing consumer interest and demand,” said Vince Zappa, president of Clutch Technologies. “Working together with innovative partners like Motor Werks, we’re simplifying driver, valet and concierge dispatch, and setting a new standard for consumer convenience tied to service and maintenance.”


For more information on Clutch’s Service Pickup and Delivery software platform, including its seamless integration with Xtime and TSD, visit

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