CDK Global Launches Advanced CRM Data Capabilities with 4 New Elead APIs
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CDK Global Launches Advanced CRM Data Capabilities with 4 New Elead APIs

CDK Global, Inc. announced the availability of four new Vehicle Sales API integrations for Elead CRM through the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange. For the first time, industry software providers can retrieve sales activities and opportunities data directly from Elead CRM and integrate them into their dealership applications, the company said.

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The Fortellis integrations will help improve sales and marketing efficiencies and effectiveness while giving better visibility into critical information tied to customer purchasing habits, including marketing program effectiveness, retention rates and personnel effectiveness. 

“By unlocking the data within Elead CRM and harnessing the power of integrations through Fortellis, we are improving the 360-degree view of our dealers’ customer lifecycles and maximizing the value of a tool they use every day,” said Scott Thompson, senior vice president, Layered Apps, Recreation and Heavy Equipment, CDK Global. “The API integrations empower dealers to build more effective CRM strategies that attract and retain customers for life.” 


The suite of Vehicle Sales APIs includes: 

  • Sales Opportunities API – An integration that searches for and retrieves details of sales opportunities inside the Elead CRM for marketing purposes and provides details on sales team management, source, vehicle, and trade information. 
  • Sales Activities API – An integration that gives access to create and complete sales activities for opportunities and allows for new email message creation, access to historical data, and retrieval of outcomes by activity. 
  • Sales Customer API – An integration that allows for the management of prospect and customer data inside Elead CRM, including customer contact details, Elead customer ID, and vehicle data. 
  • Product Reference Data API – An integration that searches, retrieves, and provides reference data to support other Vehicles Sales APIs and provides details on opportunity, employee, and vehicle data. 

Visit the Elead website for more information. 

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