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Your Place: Vehicle Tracking Efficiencies with Colin McElhatton

Dennis McGinn and Colin McElhatton discuss how dealers can eliminate wasted time searching for vehicles and keys.

Your Place: Retail Market Trends with Jasen Rice

Dennis McGinn and Jasen Rice discuss how dealers need to look to their own lots for the facts on what will help them sell more vehicles.

Your Place: Recon Basics with Anthony Martinez

Dennis McGinn and Anthony Martinez discuss recon basics as well as how implementing standard procedures can help dealerships get cars ready to sell faster.

Your Place: Dealer Panel Discussion

The panel members discuss what has worked in their dealerships’ recon departments and what helps them get cars ready to sell faster and more efficiently.

Your Place: What Does Success Look Like?

Jim Leman and Dan Kommeth discuss how dealerships can improve processes and reach goals — in the reconditioning department and throughout the dealership.

Your Place: Think Like an Investment Analyst

Dennis McGinn speaks with Michael Hayes on how dealers need to think differently when managing their inventory.

Your Place: Hardcore Recon Parts Disciplines

Anthony Greenhalgh speaks with AJ Schimmelbusch and Jared Ricart of the Ricart Automotive Group on the dealership’s parts stocking and sourcing practices.

Your Place: Carlos Chaves, Helping Customers Build Credit

Dennis McGinn speaks with Carlos Chaves helping to empower the Hispanic customer with access to affordable credit.

Your Place: Mark Paul Discusses Safety Recalls

AutoAp’s Mark Paul shares information from his company’s latest report, “Safety Recalls: State of the Retail Industry.”

Your Place at NADA with Chip Perry

On location at the 2022 NADA show, Dennis McGinn spoke with industry veteran Chip Perry of A2Z Sync.

Your Place: Women in Recon

Dennis McGinn speaks with three Rapid Recon female employees about their roles in the company and the industry as a whole.

Your Place: Fixed Ops Efficiencies with Ted Ings

Dennis McGinn speaks with Ted Ings about the Fixed Ops Roundtable as well as the importance of dealership transparency.

Fixed Ops Roundtable