Automate Automotive Dealer Inventory Management Systems
Saluting — and Hiring — Those Who Serve

There are many ways we can honor and assist veterans — including hiring them.

Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data to Thrive

As dealerships, we often want what we don’t have, and data is no exception.

A Temporary Level of Success

For recon systems to get cars sale-ready faster, they must identify workflow inefficiencies to remove bottlenecks and delays.

The 7 Culture Killers

By giving team members a work environment conducive for success, we’re providing them a launch pad so they can soar.

Hurricane Season and Its Impact on Auto Players

As a direct result of ongoing storms, dealers may need to reposition inventory, moving it out of harm’s way and into safety.

3 Auto Retail Insights for Your Ears Only

Rapid Recon CEO Dennis McGinn chats with industry professionals for invaluable insight into current auto trends.

Recruiting Top Talent for Maximum Success

Nonqualified plans provide a competitive benefit and allow employers to create enticing compensation packages.

Global View of the Auto Industry

Sell more cars by adopting new technology, like text messaging with leads and using live video conferencing.

The Education Bug

The level of education around us is getting greater. Customers are smarter, we have more tools, more education, smarter vendors — it’s time to up your game.

How Can a ‘Customer Journey Audit’ Improve Your Bottom Line?

Once you understand these pathways and touchpoints, you can move forward with optimizing your customer’s experience.

Rewarding Key Employees in Every Department

Would you like to provide more retirement benefits to your high-performing employees? Consider adopting an SERP.

Fear the Idea of Average

Successful people balance the areas of their lives and find a way to win in one without sacrificing the others.