Automate Automotive Dealer Inventory Management Systems
The Tempting Path of Least Resistance

Let’s find our path, and then build the behaviors and actions that will allow us to navigate it to our desires and our destiny.

Commercial Vehicles: Selling to Businesses

Work trucks can be a new sales opportunity for your dealership. There are a number of avenues you can pursue to acquire these vehicles.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Transparency, accountability and profitability make up the measure twice, cut once edge for improving reconditioning outcomes.

Now is the Time to Address Your Dealership’s Reputation

Your reputation capital is the lifeblood of the dealership and plays a massive role in how much money you make.

NADA Show 2022: We’re All Better Together!

The Show kicks off March 10 with workshops, Live Stage sessions and the once-in-a-lifetime reunion reception at brand-new Allegiant Stadium. The Expo, franchise meetings and Main Stage sessions begin March 11.

Just Because You’ve Lowered Rebates Doesn’t Mean You’ve Solved the Problem

Manufacturers can determine what incentives and rebates are needed to achieve the most competitive position based on market data. And retailers can take advantage of the modern retailing solutions available, which provide consumers consistent and all-inclusive payment quotes.

The 6 Essential Philosophies of Leadership

Provide your employees with a clear vision and they will support and follow your vision for the long haul.

Why the Writing on the Wall is Good for You

Are you allowing too much efficiency variance to go unnoticed in your dealerships, putting ROI and EPS goals at risk?

Master Change Management with Your DMS

It’s not enough to just manage a plan. Leaders need to take ownership and ensure that processes are seen all the way through.

All Your Customers Want for Christmas Is…a Heated Seat

As we close out this year, we hope you have a warm place to sit, a safe ride and a lovely tune to listen to!

2022: Lead the Way, or Get Left Behind

The automotive industry has changed and your success will be dependent upon your ability to adapt and change along with it. 

4 Major Disruptors Impacting the Automotive Industry Right Now

Carriers are feeling pressures from rising fuel prices and a shortage of drivers.