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Dealers Embrace Automated Safety Recall Technology to Generate More Revenue

Learn how automation saves staff time, improves efficiency and reduces customer risk.

Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2021

These innovative companies are leading the industry and achieving measurable results for dealerships across the country.

Doubling Down

How Murgado Automotive Group aims to improve customer satisfaction — and the industry’s reputation — with its technology-driven sales process.

Reinventing Retail

Now is the time to completely rethink and reengineer business models and to reinvent retail.

Cultivating the Customer Experience

Loyal customers are at the heart of every successful dealership. Charles Daher Jr. and the team at Commonwealth Auto Group cultivate the customer relationship with marketing technology that creates a personalized experience for every customer.

Making the Complex Simple

Germain Automotive Group relies on technology to connect with customers and has found that their digital strategy has kept them resilient through the years.

Deconstructing ‘Business As Usual’

In times of uncertainty, having a plan that increases your ability to reach customers can help drive positive interactions and enable growth. Conversica provides innovative solutions for retaining customers during the current economic climate.

The Missing Piece

From search to signature, the customer experience at Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura is personalized and seamless.

Digital Retail Revolution

With consumers forced into their homes by the coronavirus pandemic, online sales have spiked to unprecedented levels and these well-funded digital disruptors are poised to take a sizable bite out of the market.

Sell More Cars With One-Click Live-Streaming Video Calls

Video chatting isn’t just for social use anymore, and if you can’t sit in front of someone face-to-face, there’s just no better way to communicate than via a live video call.

Going Virtual

Digital retailing is crucial if dealerships want to continue to successfully communicate with customers and complete sales, but digital retailing by itself won’t do the job. Today, a fully integrated virtual customer experience is critical to a dealership’s success.

F&I Solutions for the Future

See why Mastria Auto Group chose Darwin Automotive to put their F&I processes in the Fastlane.