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4 Strategies to Overcome Today’s Big Hurdles

You’re missing 20-30% of your calls. If we just answer the phone, we can drive ROIs through the roof.

Acquiring Customers During Inventory Shortage is More Important Than Acquiring Vehicles

Dealerships need to adjust their compensation models and offer commissions for other products and services.

Carwashes – The Efficiency Advantage

No matter the water mandates in your municipality, there’s another incentive to be as efficient as possible with water use.

Empower Your Accounting Team to Build a Better Dealership

Profitability, and profit retention, go hand-in-hand with an empowered and efficient accounting department.

Be an Appointment-Setting Machine

Inviting customers into the dealership is only valuable if they actually show up. While extending an invitation is a great first step, it’s how you go about inviting prospective buyers to stop by that determines show rate.

FTC Expands Data Security Requirements, Impacting Dealers

Here are five things you need to know about the FTC’s expansion of the Safeguards Rule.

Carwash Ownership 101

A carwash is an attractive investment opportunity. Here are some tips on ensuring the best chances to succeed.

Are You Ready to Talk About the 5 Costs of Vehicle Ownership?

As soon as buyers drive off the lot, there’s no telling what’s around the corner.

Taking a Multi-Tiered Fraud Approach

Dealers have the ability to fight the many ways fraudsters operate.

Best Practices for Service Department Phone Usage

Three ways to not only survive but thrive in service by leveraging the phone.

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Poised for Success

Being prepared in all aspects of your life, as opposed to procrastinating, will pay off each and every day.

Lessors Are Still Not Planning for the Eventual Shift to Electrification

Electric and hybrid vehicle sales topped the 2 million mark in 2019.

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