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4 Steps to Widespread Crypto Adoption

There are turnkey crypto payment and loan platforms that allow dealerships to accept crypto as payment and make it easy for F&I managers to shop for crypto-secured loans.

Paid Search and the huMan vs. Machine Mayhem

Is your provider leveraging technology and the advantages of automation while a human monitors all the dials, levers and adjustments necessary to prevent leaks and wasted spend?

Car Shopping Trends and How Technology Connects Consumers and Dealerships

With the market changing at an unpredictable pace, it’s vital for dealerships to adapt and try new things, knowing what worked yesterday may not be the same for today.

3 Steps for Dealers to Create a More Customer-Focused Strategy

As inventory continues to challenge dealers and interest rates begin to rise, dealers are beginning to look for opportunities to continue turning customers.

Digitization in Automotive Merchandising Still Far Off

The photos and merchandizing process for today’s modern dealership is still not where it should be.

Identity Theft: Not an Opportunity To Do Business

Identity theft is no joke, there is a lot at stake today and we all must stay vigilant.

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Sharpen Up on These 4 Phone Handling Processes

Prepare your dealership by sharpening up on these four processes before the tides turn.

Why Aren’t More Dealers Leveraging Credit-First Soft Pulls?

Soft pulls can strengthen consumer confidence and trust in making the right decision.

Deriving Trust from Consumer Reviews to Power Your Competitive Advantage

Buyers need easy and reliable ways to make decisions quickly. Peer review content is that shortcut.

Why “Penny-Perfect” Payments Simply Don’t Cut It

The technology of today has far surpassed “Penny-Perfect.”

Why Corporate Fleet Vehicles Are Important

Corporate fleet vehicles can contribute to your company culture thanks to their benefits to employers and employees. 

The Rise of Door to Door Car Transport

Door-to-door car transport involves choosing the exact location where your car is picked up before its journey and is dropped off after its journey.