Carzato Announces Partnership with AutoLeadStar
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Carzato Announces Partnership with AutoLeadStar

Carzato announced the roll out of their Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (CPOV) feature, allowing car dealerships to sell CPOV’s online utilizing their cross-tier and brand-customizable online car-buying tool that routes high-intent shoppers directly to dealerships.


For the first time, dealerships will be able to use the Online Retailing Experience (ORE) platform for all of their customer pre-owned car buying needs. This includes a consistent and efficient retail experience across their brand website, dealer website, Social Media, CRM email, search, display and video campaigns.

Carzato partnered with Auto Lead Star (ALS) to offer superior media buying services for dealerships. “Utilizing the best-in-class online car dealership advertising together with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI), car dealerships are able to maximize their sales both on the lot and online – regardless of COVID-19 or any future unforeseen circumstances,” said Carzato Co-Founder and CEO, Javier O. Ruiz.


In a recent dealership case study, implementation of Carzato’s digital retailing solution was shown to increase dealers’ close rate to Sale by 18%, decrease their cost per lead by 81% and skyrocket their total number of leads by 382%.

Carzato is able to provide a unique platform that utilizes online technology together with AI to level the playing field of a highly competitive car market.

Carzato’s proprietary digital retailing experience is fully scalable, modular and includes:

  • Customizable high-converting landing pages and CTAs
  • VIN-specific dealer pricing
  • Dealer choice of Trade-In Valuation and F&I Products
  • Dealer-customized Service & Protection Plans/Pricing

Link: Carzato

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