CarDr.Com Launches New Smartphone App for Automotive Dealers to Save Time and Money by Providing On-Board Diagnostics and Immediate Appraisal Data
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CarDr.Com Launches Smartphone App with On-Board Diagnostics and Appraisal Data, an automotive technology company, announces the launch of its smartphone Vehicle Appraisal Application.  The new automotive technology delivers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accuracy appraisal data via a smartphone and pocket-sized Bluetooth on-board diagnostics (OBD) scanner.  Within minutes, the new proprietary app generates vehicle inspection reports, reliability ratings and fair market valuations. It is available by subscription. 

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The patent-pending app is for car dealers, appraisers, wholesalers and inspectors to: detect VIN fraud with 100% accuracy and OBD trouble codes with 90+% accuracy, deliver more than the OBD standard generic level code report so the fair value of a used vehicle can be estimated immediately and reveal hidden OBD faults from the chassis and body modules that can lead to significant sales margin erosion in used car purchases. Left undetected, these faults can cost more than $2,000 to correct. The app also creates dynamic reports for each vehicle appraised, takes photos, adds appraisal notes and views previous appraisals and integrates with information sources such as Kelly Blue Book and Carfax.


“’ s Vehicle Appraisal Application is the ultimate tool for dealers to ‘buy right’ and ‘sell better’ by eliminating costly mistakes of hidden proprietary OBD codes – reducing appraisal time to minutes.’s state-of-the-art appraisal smartphone system allows dealers to understand the vehicle’s true condition and history by using real-time industry-leading data sources and patent-pending diagnostics that can reduce the dealership’s appraisal time from hours to minutes.” said Parry Singh, Chairman and Founder of   

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