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Car Wars’ Newest AI Feature Protects You From Costly Privacy Violations

Cari, Car Wars’ artificial intelligence agent, pioneers AI security with her ability to recognize and protect sensitive information handled over the phone.


Dallas, TX – The latest development in Car Wars’ suite of artificial intelligence products, Cari, is sensitive digit detection. Cari’s latest feature detects and protects sensitive caller information such as credit cards and social security numbers exchanged over the phone.

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Cari’s knowledge has evolved to analyze a phone call for PII (personal identifiable information) and SPI (sensitive personal information), and amps up security by erasing the customer’s sensitive information from the phone call recording.

In an industry that’s day-to-day business includes collecting personal information, dealerships are at high risk of privacy laws and regulation violations. Dealership professionals face the challenge of providing the assurance that a customer’s personal information is protected during and after the call, while still offering the convenience of paying over the phone. Failing to comply with laws and regulations can be a costly mistake and raise major reputation and legal liabilities.


This is where Cari works her magic.

She alleviates the risk of exposure with sensitive digit detection and intelligently assesses the phone call conversation for key phrases, thus removing the information from being stored.

Through special processes, artificial intelligence identifies strings of numbers spoken near keyword phrases such as “credit card” or “social security” over the course of the phone call. Her hyper-awareness of PII and SPI buzzwords and phrases determines the sensitive nature of the information during the exchange and then she actively pursues to protect the information. Once identified, she removes the information from the audio recording, ultimately protecting the customer’s data from being stored and later retrieved.


Cari pioneers AI security and goes beyond just identifying the caller’s private information. She takes preventative measures and removes SPI and PII from recording.

“The topic of privacy and data security are hot topics in the industry due to recent data breaches on the national level,” said Mike Haeg, Vice President of Automotive, “Cari takes out the worry, allowing you to Own the Phone with complete confidence that you have the best security plan in place.”

Cari’s enhanced security provides dealers the confidence to continue business over the phone — turning the phone into an asset, rather than a liability. Car Wars’ sensitive digit detection release is one of the several Cari features that work to improve the customer service experience and ensure dealers are CRISP on the phone.


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